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    I managed to get an order in before it closed shop. They had figure wave # 4 which I had on preorder through entertainment earth. So since they had it in stock I figured i'd just cancel my order with EE and order it through them. Hopefully there won't be any problems. I did get a reciept though in my e-mail.

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    What was the point of opening this site if it wasn't going to be open around noon when I tried it? I'm not interested in anything exspensive and really just wanted to look around. Sorry, I don't have time to check it every 30 minutes to see if it's up.
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    I just went there, and nothing, couldn't even window shop. You'd think they would have everything under control before opening the doors. Just aggravates me, because I have to work in less than an hour. no access to the internet where I work.
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    Rscum got a reply from inquiring as to the problems. Check out there site to read what they have to say. Basically they said the noticed a possible problem and wanted to take care of it before it messed anything up seriously. So if thats true I guess there's not much to be mad over. It's irritatingt hat it's not available at the moment, but atleast they're trying to make the site problem free.

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    it should be up soon...
    they had standard catagories like art work/posters,books/stationary, clothing/accs., Collectables, Exclusives , home furnishings.
    there was not much there in some slots , they were selling in bulk for the most part with ship dates to come.
    I printed out my purchases from the site for ref.

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    Angry Never was notified!!!

    I tell ya I put in my name and email address but never was informed they were opened. Who can I talk to? Can anybody out there help me, please? I found out by going to sirstevesguide and tried to get in but, no links, no products. What kind of a company opens a shop knowing the zealousnes of it's followers, open an online server with problems without testing it first? I wanted a revenge patch, but thanks to the ineptness of the powers that be, I was left out and not given a chance. I guess they are Sith. Thanks for nothing!!!
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    Go there now and read the explanation. EVERYONE will have to REORDER when they go LIVE AGAIN.

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    for those who can't be bothered to look it says:

    "Message to Star Wars Fans and StarWarsShop.Com Customers

    Shortly after our new opened Wednesday morning March 10, we received emails from several customers indicating that some transactional information on individuals’ orders had been transmitted to others. We immediately shut down the shop, because security of information on orders sent by our fans is our top priority.

    Our eCommerce partner, Analysts International, has assured us that no one’s personal credit card information was compromised.

    We are very sorry–and surprised–that this problem occurred. We are working closely with Analysts International, which is responsible for handling the transactions on the site, to find out how this could have happened. We won’t reopen until we are certain that this issue has been resolved.

    As a result of the situation, we will not be processing any of the transactions placed Wednesday morning. You will need to place your order again when the shop reopens. All customers who placed an order before the site was taken down will be mailed a free set of Jedi movie patches and a $50 gift certificate to use for Star Wars merchandise on the site. We will give the entire Star Wars community sufficient notice before we relaunch the site.

    Again, we apologize for the current situation and promise to keep you updated. We know that Star Wars fans want–and deserve–the very best, and we will continue to strive to ensure that our high standards are met."

    oh dear! at least those who ordered will get some free goodies to make up for their incompetence.

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    I don't think it was incompetence. People are getting mad at the fact that this happened. But atleast they made the effort to right the situation and give everyone that ordered a 50 dollar gift certificate. I'd say thats pretty generous. I'm just happy they are taking steps to insure that the site will run properly and have good security. Not a bad thing at all in my eyes.+

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    Well because I totally missed out on the whole whing, what exactly DID the shop have?

    Give me some specifics....
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