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    Well, they had a little of everything. This is what I can remember. Some posters. Some really expensive sculptures. Costumes, masks. Clone Wars Trading cards. OTC Collection stuff on preorder. Statues. Not a whole lot of stuff, but a sampling of everything. I'm sure they had planned on offering more as the site continued.

    I orderd an auto'ed copy of Survivor's Quest by Timothy Zahn. I hadn't gotten a copy yet, and it was the same price as Barnes & Noble, but signed, so I figured "why not?" It also came with the free Revenge patch they advertised, and a set of Topps Clone Wars Promos. I was pretty pshyched. I guess now I'll have to re-order. . . but according to the site I'll be getting a $50 gift certificate. Can't complain at all.
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    Well I managed to order a wave 4 case of figures from the site. They were the exact same price as EE. Comes to about 6 bucks a figure. But I guess now i'll have to reorder it, but atleast i'll get it for 50 bucks off hehe.

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    I ordered a 'classic' star wars tee, and a case of OTC preorder figures, I ordered them on sperate orders, so we will see what happens there.
    there were plenty of catagories, a whole lot of master replica stuff too.

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    Well I recieved a phone call from the swshop team tonight. It was a customer service call just letting me know what happened, and assuring me that none of my credit card information was leaked. They also explained about getting the free patches and 50 dollar gift certificate. The guy also said that he couldn't say for sure but the gift certificate would probably be usuable for when the shop reopens, and that it may be an e-gift certificate distributed via e-mail.

    So I really couldn't be more happy with how they have handled the situation. I know there are a lot of folks out there that are being quite negative about it, but the truth is giving everyone who got in an order a 50 dollar gift certificate is and extrememly generous offer. I can only see a normal online retailer giving out a 20 dollar gift certificate at the most.

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    I just hope they fix the problems and leave the rest of the site/procedures alone. Cuz I will use that $50 and now get 3 Green Busts and a CinemaCast Vader this time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jad
    I don't think it was incompetence. People are getting mad at the fact that this happened. But atleast they made the effort to right the situation and give everyone that ordered a 50 dollar gift certificate. I'd say thats pretty generous. I'm just happy they are taking steps to insure that the site will run properly and have good security. Not a bad thing at all in my eyes.+
    i wasn't getting mad because i wasn't going to buy anything from the shop, but the it guys doing the site should ensure that customers details are not forwarded to other customers. that's a fairly basic requirement of a secure server when ordering via the internet. they should have taken steps to ensure the site ran properly before going live with it.

    they are being nice giving people a $50 voucher though.

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    Hmmm... yeah... placed and order for a "Clone Wars" Micro-series poster. I guess I will have to do that again once the site is up and running. Too bad my order got cancelled.
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    How much was CinemaCast Vader ???
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jayspawn
    How much was CinemaCast Vader ???
    $150 or a little less. that area tho.

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    Is this the same CinemaCast Vader descending the stair case like they offered many years ago? The same one that can be seen behind George Lucas during the interviews for the SE tapes?
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