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    Thats the new "secret" etailer out there. Up on March 10th. OS has all your info.

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    Maybe they will pick up Cantina bar Wave II.
    Kitik Keed'kaks for everyone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boba Fetish
    Maybe they will pick up Cantina bar Wave II.
    That is a great idea. Over at RS, they have posted a interview with Paul Ens re: the store. He claims that exclusive figures will be sold individually, but that basic figures will be sold in case packs.
    This isn't bad this point I'd even buy a case of the Cantina Bar Wave II as I could split the case with a friend. I'd also buy a case like the 3rd CW wave so I could get the SA Clonetrooper, not to mention Rambo Kit and Battle Man Tin .
    I really hope the online store isn't a bust...with all the hype and anticipation leading up to the OTSE DVD Box and the release of EP 3, this could be a cool way to get some really great stuff.
    I just hope the supply is better than in the days of the Jawa Trader. Maybe the store could be run with the KEBCO philosophy-one of everything, for everyone who wants it...all the time, brother (apologies, Hogan).
    I'd also like to see things like Ephant offered in some exclusive way; if the cases aren't being made anymore buy Hasbro, maybe a exclusive pressing of the figure could be done. We have the upcoming OTC collection, we have yet to see alot of the HOF collection(boy, I should have picked up the couple of figures I actually wanted to buy...again...when I saw them once weeks ago )...start some kind of new collection...I dunno, call it the Hard To Find wave. Looking at the response to the new poll; Holo R2, Sio Bibble; the list goes on and on with what you could put out.
    And one more thing-radical concept here , but if basic figures are only sold by the case, do exclusive case assortments with just army builders. Come on! I could even dream up cases:

    Wave 1: Imperial Troops-sandtroopers(all ranks), stromtroopers, scouttroopers (these last two could have 2 each a case, clean & BD)
    Wave 2: Republic Army-a mix of every Basic release Clonetrooper(Blue,Red,Pilot,SA,Yellow,White[clean]) with none of the inarticulated CW deluxe packs, throw in a binocular with 2 figures a case, though...
    Wave 3: Jabba's Thugs-weequays, gamorrean guards, niktos(yes, this is a rehash from the upcoming TRU 4 pack, but the 1st 2 figures would make sense)
    Wave 4: Imperial Elite- DS troopers, All head sculpts of Imperial Officers, Tie pilots, AT-ST drivers(anyone with vehicle 'skills ' or non-ranking, non-stormtrooper soliders), Royal Guards (Saga scuplt)
    Wave 5: Naboo Defenders- Gungan soliders, NRGs, NRSs
    Wave 6: Armies of the Trade Federation- Tan/Red BD(Saga Sculpt), DDs (BD sculpt both cleaned up & blast-apart, SBDs (from Deluxe Sage Yoda with better legs)

    ...well, you get the point. If Hasbro is all about making money and we as fans want to spend it making armies and dioramas and just freaking out visitors who see a massive table of Imperial MIGHT, this is a great way to do it.
    The wave idea is just an example of a way to make this concept work and not overwhelm the pickpocketedbooks of buyers.

    BTW-does anyone believe that Hasbro read these posts? I rememer ranting a long time ago about how I'd want to see Hoth Han done-with Luke's saber, removeable visor,etc...and I know others suggested such improvements also. Well, we got more than one could ask for. Does anyone think Hasbro would actually cave-in to it's "constituents" and make Army Builder support? Any thoughts?
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    Its Open!!! GO, GO, GO, GO!!!

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    very cool store, i've aready order a star wars tee and OTC figures wave 7. the figure price is not bad it averages out to about $5.41 ea. i can't wait to get my revenge patch either.

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    I can't get in. The store's 'virtual doors' are shut and boarded. Did it crash already? I tried this morning and then again just now. Guess I'll check back later.

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    Well, I guess even they couldn't predict what it would take to keep it open. I've tried a couple of times but no luck. I guess the first 500 got in and then it went in the crapper soon after.
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    Its closed now, I hope it opens soon. I'm really wanting to see the selection.
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    It's dead, Jim.

    That was kinda pointless, if they can't think to make a secure enough server when they know people will rush it why the heck even do that much hype?
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    Quote Originally Posted by LTBasker
    It's dead, Jim.

    That was kinda pointless, if they can't think to make a secure enough server when they know people will rush it why the heck even do that much hype?
    I was able to hop on this morning and get my 2 Clone busts. Supposed to be back up relatively soon.


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