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    Justice League revamped into Justice League Unlimited!!

    Saw this news elsewhere, and I know that a lot of folks like the series. It appears that the current hour long episode design is being changed into half hour adventures instead. Though some of the guest stars that are going to be brought in should please a lot of the old comic fans. Characters like, Booster Gold, Hawk & Dove, Elongated Man, The Question, Mister Miracle, Big Barda and Zatanna.
    Justice League Unlimited:

    The heroes of the Justice League return in August with a new series, Justice League Unlimited, which incorporates a bold new look and a much larger scope. Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern continue to lead the universes most powerful superheroes in an effort to stop criminal plots and alien threats that endanger the universe. Now, in Justice League Unlimited, they are joined by an even greater collection of heroes some of whom are well-known, like Supergirl, Green Arrow and the Atom, as well as some that are less familiar, like Booster Gold, Hawk & Dove, Elongated Man, The Question, Mister Miracle, Big Barda and Zatanna. Each half-hour will tell a power-packed story, combining some of the original heroes with new ones as they band together to battle alien invasions, powerful sorcerers, vast shadowy conspiracies and even ancient gods.
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    It sounds like theres going to be some great supporting cast members, ie. Zatana, Hawk and Dove, Green Arrow, etc. But i like the show being an hour long. Now they will have to try and squeeze all of this "Action" into a small half hour show. I will definately still watch, but am a tad bit disappointed in hearing about the half hour shows.
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    I watched this show once and didnt care for it. What is with Wonder Woman flying? For all I care, it should be canceled.
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    First off, adding "Unlimited" to the title is almost guaranteed to bring it crashing down (Spider-Man Unlimited, anybody?), but they've been futzing around with this series too long as it is. Putting it on Cartoon Network hurt its chances to begin with, then having the format be half hour shows that are nearly ALL cliffhangers (the promise was nearly every ep in season 1 would be a 2 parter, with several being 3 parters as well) was going to alienate every other episode's casual viewers (as well as give semi-regular viewers less reason to watch the first episode), then CN destroyed any loyal viewer base by screwing with the timeslot nearly half a dozen times, many without warning, and running hard-to-follow rerun times. Then there was the matter of only having a handful of Justice League members, and recycling powers such as flight and strength through 5 of the 7 regulars (WW, GL, Hawkgirl, Supes, and Martian Manhunter all have those same powers, and some of them have others as well). Finally, switching over to the hourlong format seemed to work pretty well, but by then it was pretty much lost anyway as nobody could remember what time it was on and if they had seen new eps recently or not.

    Don't get me wrong, adding new heroes and other regulars should have happened much earlier in the series, but unless Warner Brothers stops chickening out on this series and starts airing in on their WB network channels' "Kids' WB" block, the show is destined to stumble.
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    I like the show a lot but have to agree with JT when it comes to the time slot. Its a pain to follow this show. When i first watched, it aired on Saturday at 11, and again at 9 in the night. Then it flipped to just the 9 showing. That went away a couple of weeks ago and it started to air Mon. through Thur. at 9. That went away and it airs currently Mon. through Thur at 9:30. The double epsiodes were a bit of a waste. Some went on for far too long it seemed. Hopefully with the addition of Unlimited to the title, the show will get a consistent time slot.
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    I like the show too. I dunno, does it really have a regular time slot? I watch it when I see that it's on and enjoy it well enough. I like the hour long format and the style of the show. Incorporating a "bold new look" sounds like nonsense to me. "Unlimited" sounds like some junior executives big new idea for the year... simply silly. It's a good looking show, changing it too much may lose me. Bringing new characters in sounds like a great idea though. Why they can't simply evolve things in a good way, without some big song and dance I'll never know. (Well, I do know, but...)

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    Yea it has made me mad that I would have missed the second half because the Replay was off or something because of timeslots. Or they started new eps and missed them and haven't been able to find them again.
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    Had the pleasure of taking Dave Johnson, an animator for Justice League, to the airport from the Emerald City Comicon con last Sunday. Nice guy. He said that the new JLU should be pretty exciting chocked full of special guests and surprises. Sorry, can't reveal much more than that!
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    Re: Justice League revamped into Justice League Unlimited!!

    Watched the first ep of this last night, a self-contained half-hour ep focusing mainly on Green Arrow. Lantern has changed his hair, now he's bald and has a goatee (evil GL? ) and the Watchtower and Javeline are all different (the Watchtower was destroyed at the end of the JL toon when Hawkgirl's people took over the Earth). I found it REALLY weird that the title sequence featured Supergirl more than any other character (by 2 to 1 in some cases!) and she's not even a true main character. The art is slightly sloppier than JL, but nothing disasterous - most of the character designs are identical to the JL show (except the aforementioned hairstyle issue on GL). I found it good enough all around, but the music really REALLY sucks so bad.
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    Re: Justice League revamped into Justice League Unlimited!!

    Who is that white guy in JJB pic?


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