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    I found a Jack Russel Terrier dog today, can't find the owners.

    Found him today after checking out target. I have wanted one of these dogs for awhile now, but I can't keep him and I really want him to go back to his family. I put up signs and called the Pound, but they haven't had any calls. I think I should take him to the pound, but my wife thinks they are going to put him down. I don't think so, because he looks think he could have papers.
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    You may want to take him in to the pound to have him scanned.

    Our dog had a chip in her shoulder in case she got lost, when the pound gets in a new dog they scan 'em and the owner's info comes up on a computer. Then they can contact the owners.

    If not you may want to keep it 'til you can find the owners.
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    Thanks, my wife called them and they said they would scan him. The problem with keeping the little guy is, I have 2 dogs already and the longer I keep him the more I want to keep him, LOL I'm looking at him right now all curled up and his sad eyes looking at me, man why did I have to go out this morning????
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    Scanning them? So now if we buy a pet at a petstore they just run'em across the scanner? That would be fun to watch...

    As for the dog, you probably may have to wait a bit. If it was an outside dog the family might wait a couple days, or not do anything at all and just let it be. Some people can be really crummy with their dogs.. :\

    Could try to find a "no kill shelter" to put him in for awhile to see if the family does do anything, that could put your wife at ease as well on putting him in a shelter.
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    Thanks guys. We found his home. We were on our way to get him scanned at the pound and we saw a lost sign of the dog. Get this, the sign was right across the street from where my FOUND sign was. Anyways I was happy to get him home, because my wife was stressing me out on keeping him, but what a cool dog. One of these days when the time is right I'll rescue a dog from the Pound.

    About the scanning, when you get a dog or cat from the pound you can have a chip injected into them, so if they get lost, the pound or vet can scan your animal and find you.
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    Cool, glad to hear hes back home with his family. While i was reading through the thread my first thought was that he had been dumped off. Ive got a ghetto aunt who has a habit of getting dogs for a short while only to tire of them and drop them off in different neighborhoods. It irks me to no end when i hear shes done that. Just two months ago my family took in another dog from a different aunt, whose children had tired of it. While the dog looks like an old man, he gives my other dog some much needed company when we arent around.
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    If my aunt did that, I don't think I would have an aunt anymore. I might seem like a smartass and a bit of a joker on the boards, but I'm a softy when it comes to animals. When I was just starting High school, my dad kicked my dog and I ran and tackled him. I wasn't able to take him down because he's a big and tall dude. I remember him saying to me, "You better watch it boy" That's the only time I ever got physical with him. I know he would have kicked my *** if I would have continued. Oh and for taking care of the Jack, his family took my wife and I out to dinner. Nice people, I just hope they can handle the little guy.
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    Pretty cool Turbo. When I started reading this, I figured he was dumped off. I know what you mean by not having an aunt anymore. I would be the same way, and have a house full ofpets. I love me dog to no end and would be devistated if he ran away. I am glad you found his home and all. Did they take ya somewhere nice or just for a Big Mac?
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    We went to a steak house. It was pretty good.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Turbowars
    We went to a stake house. It was pretty good.
    Stake as in killed Dracula or
    Steak as in good tasty meat?

    So I assume there was a reward then? Very cool! When I was a kid we had a black cat just walk in our house. Despite my dads objections, we ended up keeping the cat. Several years later, we had to move, and my mom gave the cat to a farmer who had a lot of animals. He promised he would take really good care of him. The cat used to kill small rodents, and leave the bodies by the bushes.
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