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    Worst Horror movies

    I love horror movies, especially good ones.
    We all know there are tons and tons of bad horror movies out there so this thread will live into eternity, I assume.

    First up - Ticks. Terrible movie about a group of people terrorized by giant ticks. Special recognition goes to Clint Howard who before dying screams "I'm infested ! ! ! ! "

    Keeping in line with the insect problem, I'll also mention Skeeter which is another bad one. I assume Lou Diamond Phillips' Bats is a nice addition to this list but I never saw it.

    What are your "favorite" bad horror movies?

    These can be movies you really hate or movies you love even though you know they are "bad."

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    Strawberry Estates. I've never seen the movie, but many from the fango message boards have made it clear the film is terrible. I'll have to see it eventually, just to be a part of that crowd throwing the warnings to others that they must avoid it.

    Does Jaws 3 and 4 count as horror? If so, put those on the list. We're talking pure **** with those movies.

    Anyone remember Dee Snider? Anyone remember Strangeland, Snider's film? It's best never to remember either one of those things. It has Robert Englund in it....that's about the only good thing I can mention.

    I could probably list a few of Wes Craven's films here, too.! Megadeth did a cover of No More Mr. Nice Guy, that's about all I liked from this film.

    When Leprechaun went into space, and then visited the hood, not once, but twice! Again, crap!

    Note, all of the films I have mentioned are bad films that I do not like.

    Now for a bad film that I do like: John Carpenter's Body Bags. It's an anthology film, and I love anthologies. It may be looked down upon, but come on! Mark Hamill gets an evil eye in it! The film also has appearances by Sam Raimi, John Carpenter, Tom Arnold, Tobe Hooper, Wes Craven, and Buck Flower! Buck Flower, people! I don't know why, but I have a lot of love for Buck.
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    The 90s remakes of "The Haunting" and "The House on Haunted Hill" were both intolerable. "John Carpenter's Vampires" was a completely inexcusable piece of garbage. "Species" started out promising, but once the little girl turned into a bra-shoppingsuper model, it went down hill. "Dreamcatcher" was unbelievably bad. If they had cut out Morgan Freeman's character, Donnie Wahlberg's character and all the psychic connection bewteen the friends stuff, it might have had a chance, but they didn't. Also the guy who gets possessed by an alien gives such a painfully bad performance, I can't believe Lawwrence Kasdan didn't notice.

    These are the more recent crappy horror movies I've seen. I didn't enjoy them in the least.

    I also watched the special edition of "The Howling" that came out on DVD last fall. This was one of my favorite movies of the 80s, and seeing it again, I was not just saddened to see how badly it didn't hold up to what I remembered, but almost embarrassed that I liked it in the first place. It didn't help that for some bizarre reason someone decided to "improve" the lighting throughout the dvd print. What was origianlly a very darkly lit film full of blue light and shadows, is now so overlit, that there is no ominous atmosphere, and Rob Bottin's FX which were designed for dark lighting look like a bunch of rubber puppets.

    I happen to be very fond of bad sci-fi and horror movies from pre-1975 all the way back as far as you want to go, but there are a couple that aren't even in the so awful they're fun category that "Robot Monster" is in.

    The first is "Eegah!" starring Richard "Jaws" Kiel as a caveman in the modern world in the most tedious, boring, poorly acted home movie trying to pass as a feature film, that I've ever seen.

    The second is "The Incredible Melting Man" which I finally got to see last summer,and should have skipped altogether. The star of the film is an abysmally bad actor, and the rest of the cast is about equal. The best performance comes from the obligatory girl who's top comes off, and not for that reason. The only things of note in this movie are Rick Baker's make-up fx, which look better in the still photos (so save yourself some pain and look at those) and the curious fact that future "Silence of the Lambs" director, Jonathan Demme acts in this.

    There are many more to add, but I would actually like to forget I saw any of these. If you want to watch a movie that sounds incredibly stupid, but is in fact really well made, then find yourself a copy of "I Married A Monster From Outer Space."

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    i'll probably get whacked to death with nerf baseball bats for saying this, but the original "friday the 13th" was horrible. untill very recently, i'd never seen it. i wish i never had. it was terrible. i'm supposed to believe that old lady killed them all?

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    I agree. All the Friday the 13th movies were really awful, yet somehow I saw at least the first 6 when they came out in theaters. I have a bit of a soft spot for Part IV, I Think, the one where Corey Feldman kills HJason witha microwave oven. I seem to remember that one actually attempted to develop characters and story.

    They're bad, but not as bad as the slick, empty, big budget remakes of "The Haunting" and "The House on Haunted Hill" that I mentioned.

    If we're talking awful movies I enjoy, then I must guiltily admit that if I'm channel surfing and come across "Maximum Overdrive" I will watch it every time. Why? I couldn't tell you. I was also "lucky" enough to have seen it at a press screening where they actually show the kid being run over by the steamroller. It was so over the top and unexpected that I couldn't help laughing in admiration. It's too bad it was cut and that this movie will never merit a directors cut release.

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    Huh ? Microwave oven ? Doesn't Corey Feldman as Tommy Jarvis kill Jason with a machete through the head ? OR are you just joking ?

    Excellent posts, everyone.

    derek, I disagree with you over F13 but I used to dislike it. When I was a kid I was weened on Jason movies so when I went back to see the first one I thought it was boring and dull since the killer is never shown until the end. I was used to Jason w/ hockey mask running around on camera the whole time. Anyway, if you think Pamela Voorhees murder spree is unbelievable, well I see your point but compared to the later entries in the series I think it's quite believable.

    JBF, I love Dee Snider and I certainly love Twisted Sister but I thought Strangeland was a big letdown. I did like the homage to The Exorcist (Capt. Howdy) but overall the move was bad. I saw it once on video a few years ago and I have no desire to see it again.

    B'Omarr, I'm with you on Maximum Overdrive. Bad movie but I love it. That lead truck with the green demon face on it scared the hell out of me as a kid. :
    I need to rent that one again because it's been years since I've seen it. I do have the soundtrack because of my love for AC/DC.

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    Peter Jacksons "Bad Taste" is kinda crummy AND kinda over-the-top gross and also really funny, anyone who hasn't seen it should check it out.
    There is a movie called "orgy of the vampires", some terrible Italian flick, that was really awful and funny...
    Maximum overdrive- remember the commercials?? "Hi, I'm steven king, and I'm gonna scare the HELL outta YOU!!!" I LMAO every time I think about it. Great film, too.

    "Brainsucker-the ultimate frontal lobotomy" was a pretty good AWFUL film, some guy with a trak-ball scoop with a corkscrew attached to it goes around-wait for it- sucking out peoples' brains (looks like bacon strips in the film) shot on video, looks like one camera one mic... it should be pretty hard to find, but for true schlock afficianados worth the effort (the movie "SPINE" is similar, real funny stuff, premise is there's a killer hiding out in the "spooky old abandoned" section of a HOSPITAL.. so dumb it hurts, but the film never lets on)

    Anyone heard of any of those???
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    Quote Originally Posted by Caesar
    Special recognition goes to Clint Howard who before dying screams "I'm infested ! ! ! ! "
    you could have a whole thread just on the bad movies clint howard has been in. was a nice gesture when mtv gave him a lifetime achievement award at their awards show. topping that was they retired the award after clint. other notable honorees: chewie and jason.

    larry drake is nearly as bad as clint. not a big fan of the darkman series but dr. giggles is awful.

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    Wow where do I start when there are so many bad movies to pick from. No other genre abuses the sequel like Horror does so I'll try to make most of my picks original films.

    Raising Cain:1992- This movie may be more of a psychological thriller than horror but it's still terrible. John Lithgow is a fine actor but his preformance of a character with multiuple personalities was way over the top.

    Astro Zombies:1969- Not sure how many people have actually seen this movie but I'm a huge zombie horror fan and found this movie to be really bad. Spies, secret agents, and zombies don't mix well.

    Sleepwalkers:1992- Another werewolf movie would have been fine by me but a film where the creatures must have a continuous supply of teenage female virgins to survive is plain ridiculous.

    Dr. Giggles:1992- Well the title says it all on this one. A movie that was so terrible I'm embarresed to say I even watched it.

    If you noticed 3 of my picks were releasd in 1992. Its probably because I was working at a video store at the time and watched pretty much everything that came out, good and bad. For a horror fan it was a bad year and I remember it well.

    I'll include a film that most would consider bad but I enjoyed, 1980's Fade to Black. A story of a film obsessed deliveryman who loses touch with reality and embarks on a murder spree utilizing scenes from his favorite movies. Dennis Christopher delivers a superb prefomance as the outcast Eric Benford and the makeup was outstanding.
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    Hellboy, I agree that Sleepwalkers is a bad movie but I still love it. I was 13/14 when I saw that flick in the theater and I had a HUGE crush on Madchen Amick.
    And look at the rest of that cast ! Alice Krige, Mark Hamill, Joe Dante, John Landis, Ron Perlman, Stephen King, Clive Barker, Tobe Hooper . . .

    See, this is the kind of debate I like to see.


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