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    Princess Leia Collection Error?

    I've got one that's got Princess Leia, Han Solo and Han Solo's blaster in the bubble. The back has Princess Leia and Han Solo on it with a copyright of 1997. But the sticker on the outside says Princess Leia and Wicket the Ewok. The numbers at the top on the front are Asst. No 66935 & No. 66938. Is this any sort of rarity, or just a common error? I haven't seen this error listed anywhere.

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    Additional info

    Oh also the UPC on the back is 76281 66938 which is the Wicket the Ewok and Leia UPC. Sorry for the additional post.

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    Sounds like a random error to me, I've never heard of it before.
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    I actually saw quite a few of these sticker errors. If you are referring to the sticker on the bubble saying "Wicket" then this was common to the point that I saw one in almost every store I went into when they were on the shelves. It might be that these errors only went to a certain region thus making it almost non-existant in certain areas. At the time, I ignored this error (though I wouldn't today because I collect packaging variants now) because it seemed so common.


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