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    Scored some Comics yesterday. . . how'd I do?

    I stopped by a comic store yesterday, and ended up going home pretty happy. I went in to check if they had any Clone Wars figures, but decided to look around. In the back they had many boxes of comics for 50c each. There were deals if you purchased multiple comics, so I figured I'd check it out. I had purchased comics here before, but never found to many in these "clearance" boxes, maybe one or two. Well, after a few minutes of looking, I noticed that my pile had grown pretty high. After all was said and done, I had 54 comics ready to be purchased. They were all comics I didn't have (I am not a die-hard comic collector), so I couldn't leave any behind. So I left the store with my purchase, as well as a package of comic sleeves. The comics came to a grand total of $15, and the bags were a little over $5. I was quite pleased. Being that I don't get comics very often, I felt it was a nice haul. Here is a little sampling of what I was able to score:

    Marvel ROTJ #3
    Some Episode I Comics (movie adapts., and specific character stories)
    Heir to the Empire, Last Command
    Vaders Quest
    Jedi Council, and other Jedi titles
    Hans Solo at Stars End
    Classic Star Wars Early Adventures
    X-Wing titles

    Without listing the whole bunch, that is what I can remember off the top of my head. I do have one specific question, however.

    I picked up two Episode I:Obi Wan Kenobi comics. Both of which were the photo version, but one of them has a sort of grainy, sandpaper feel to the graphics on the cover. Otherwise it is identical. What is the deal with this comic? Was it a special run? I couldn't find any info on it, so I figured I'd ask the comic guru's of sirstevesguide.

    So, how'd I do? I'll need to fill some gaps in some of the series I picked up, but overall I felt it was a nice boost to my collection, and it will provide some decent reading in for the next couple of days. Now I need to pick up a bigger comic box.
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    You got your money's worth, that's for sure. The cover price on those comics alone was likely 5 times what you paid! Well done, I hope you enjoy them.

    I love clearance comics.............


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