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    Evil Dead 4 & Freddy vs. Jason 2

    Dark Horizons reports the following:

    Last week we learned a lot about what Columbia Pictures is putting into development, today comes word on what New Line Cinema is working on now that the whole "Lord of the Rings" craze is over:


    AMERICAN PRINCESS - Sort of on hold. Lindsay Lohan is interested, but they're waiting a beat for this market to settle down in terms of the number of films for this audience. The Todd's wrote the last draft, script will need more work eventually.

    BRIDGE AND TUNNEL - This is Stokely's pet project. Peter Care still attached.

    DIESEL DEBUTANTES - Draft due in about two weeks

    FAMILY PLANNING - They're figuring this out, waiting until after the Awards to figure out the next step. New Line may just do as a negative pickup.

    FREDDY VS. JASON 2 - Jeff Katz has done a 20-page internal treatment. It brings back the "Ash" (Bruce Campbell) character from the EVIL DEAD franchise. New Line is negotiating with CAA/Raimi to see if they can get him into this movie, with the then intent to do EVIL DEAD 4. Shannon & Swift won't be doing this.

    GUILTY PLEASURE - Hiring Koppelman & Levine to write (after "Josiah's Cannon"). This could come together quickly once script gets in shape.

    IRON MAN - The Tom Cruise interest is very real. This will need a high-end polish once talent comes on board. Schedule depends on when MI3 goes. Spielberg passed, but still at that level, esp. with TC.

    PARKER GREY SHOW - Kate Hudson still attached.

    SEX TALK - No start date yet, international appeal still being figured out.

    SLEIGHT OF MIND - Out to Jack Nicholson.

    SNAKES ON A PLANE - Loucka revising to make more popcorn.

    TAMING BEN TAYLOR - They're still making producer deals.

    UNTITLED DIANE ENGLISH - They'll probably rewrite to go younger with the female lead on this to make a smart young adult rom-com.

    THE WATCH - Victor Salva rewriting.

    WESTWARD - Out to Jessica Biel. David Ellis attached to direct.
    Anyone think this might be a very bad idea?
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    *raises hand*

    I do !

    I LOVE Freddy, I LOVE Jason, and I do like Ash but come on - enough is enough. FvJ was a great one-off but if they need to squeeze a sequel out of it, so be it (because that's what good horror movies do ).

    This however is too over the top and lame, lame, LAME.

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    *raises both hands*

    Bad Idea

    I lost interest in Freddy and Jason a long time ago because of the lack of creativity on the part of the filmmakers. I love the Evil Dead series but really don't see the need to continue it unless it was a very good idea and Raimi must be involved for me to even consider being interested in ED4. Freddy vs. Jason 2 with the addition of Ash would be a trainwreck IMO, but the sad thing is it would probably be a commercial success.
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    If this goes through we will at least have something to look forward to talking about in Caesar's worst horror movies thread.
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    I admire your optimism, JBF.

    I'm intrigued by the idea of Alien vs. Predator but beyond that I'm not interested in anymore cooperative crossovers.

    The Shape vs. Pinhead, blech.

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    Re: Evil Dead 4 & Freddy vs. Jason 2

    (rise dead thread, rise to the sound of my voice....errr..posting)

    It looks like this project is on the verge of taking off. My buddy gave me this info:

    During an interview with Sci Robert Englund was quoted as saying,

    "The premise is that if Freddy gets his hand on the necronomicon, he can return to life, as an immortal superbeing to seek revenge on Jason. Meanwhile, Freddy has to posses sleeping kids to try to kill Jason, but Jason just annhilates them. The parents of Elm Street view this as Jason murdering kids, so they hire a few supernatural being hunters to kill Jason. They top the team with Ash, who needs the money to fund his trip to destroy the book of the dead. Freddy realises Ash has the necronomicon in his dreams, so he has to get into Ash's mind. So that interlocks the battle. Hope they finish soon, i'm looking foward to working with Bruce (Campbell) and Ken (Kirzinger)."

    Also, the guy who runs Bloody Disgusting got the script or a storyboard of it or bla hblah blah, but is giving it massive props. Here is his little spiel on it, edited for potty mouth language:

    "As you figured, I have read the script 'treatment' for Freddy vs Jason vs Ash, there were only a couple lines of dialogue, it was basically the story told in storybook form- from the beginning to the final bloody climax. If there is one thing I want you to gain from this review, it's that Freddy vs Jason vs Ash makes up for all of the mistakes in the first film (like missing Freddy kill scenes)!

    I must keep this review vague, so New Line doesn't castrate me for real, and use the footage in the next Texas Chainsaw Massacre film- but I'll give you a taste of the forbidden fruits- because Mr. D wants his readers happy!

    Freddy vs Jason vs Ash will be one of the greatest horror movies of all time, because the script shows that it understands the characters, the history of each backstory, the cliche's and most of all- the genre.

    The most important thing that drives this amazing story is this one fact that has eluded all of our minds- the Necronomicon is in the Voorhees house! Sure you remember, it's in the basement, it appeared in Jason Goes to Hell- now it's all coming back to you, isn't it?

    The movie takes place almost directly after Freddy vs Jason, when Freddy winks (yep, the wink was for a reason), the movie wasn't really over- did you really think it would be that easy after 25 years of terror? I'm not going to tell you anything more, except that this is probably one of the coolest 'comebacks' in the history of sequels.

    Now Ash, how does he fit into the mix? Quite simply- he wants to destroy the Necronomicon and fulfill his destiny, which was prophesized in the Evil Dead series (the series couldn't end yet, he hasn't achieved his destiny). Well without me giving away the story, somehow Jason, Freddy and the "born under a bad sign" ***-kickin Ash come face to face to face- numerous times. The continuity is genuine and fantastic- every angle was thought out, there are NO plot holes that I can see and everything makes complete sense. It really almost seems like it was masterminded almost a decade ago.

    Lets talk Ash: Hes the same old Ashley J. Williams that's been in the first three films- only he's older and sick of playing around. He's on a mission, and when he must make decisions between himself and other outside factors, he almost always chooses 'himself'- typical of Ash. He still works at S-mart and there just happens to be a new S-mart opening right by the 'new' Crystal Lake- wink wink.

    Jason: He's the same kick-a-- Ken Kirzinger looking Jason (a la Jason Lives, the best of the series), only there's a twist, and when you find out this twist- you are going to crap yourselves- no bull! Can you say better Friday the 13th movies in the future (no, he doesn't turn into a robot)?

    Freddy: Oh Freddy is PO'd this time, and we get to see more of the crazy looking demon Freddy- I'm so excited! He's tricky, cunning, and most of all sadistically funny. But this time Freddy has a new goal, which by the sound of it, is the biggest plan that he has ever concocted! You wanted a Nightmare on Elm Street movie, you got one!

    One reason this movie is going to be a blast is that 2/3 of the movie looks to be as big as- or even bigger than- the battle at the end of Freddy vs Jason. The tone is even more serious, and the pace is quick. There isn't too much time explaining the history of the characters- we pretty much just get a short Ash flashback story- for the goons who've never seen an Evil Dead movie.

    There is a new environment, which should quite interesting. The movie takes place around Christmas, so there's snow and ice and everyone is just so cheery!

    But most of all, I love the "nods" to each franchise. There is a certain sequence that involved Ash, and the return of his cut off hand, which is by far one of the greatest ideas I've ever heard of; I yelled out loud, "NO Fing WAY!" It's so hard for me to keep this under wraps, because it is seriously so brilliant.

    I promise you, I was afraid that this wouldn't work, but it does. Everything is perfectly packaged and sealed with a pretty (bloody) bow."

    Notes from myself: i was VERY MUCH against this idea, but hearing about how clever everything would fall into place is making me very excited/giddy about it. From the premise, it sounds like it could really work and good lord, it's been too long since i've seen Ash on the big screen.

    Discuss, fellow dorks!
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    Re: Evil Dead 4 & Freddy vs. Jason 2

    But most of all, I love the "nods" to each franchise. There is a certain sequence that involved Ash, and the return of his cut off hand, which is by far one of the greatest ideas I've ever heard of; I yelled out loud, "NO Fing WAY!" It's so hard for me to keep this under wraps, because it is seriously so brilliant.
    I smell a scene with Ash wearing Freddy's trademark glove.
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    Re: Evil Dead 4 & Freddy vs. Jason 2

    Quote Originally Posted by JediTricks
    I smell a scene with Ash wearing Freddy's trademark glove.
    You read my mind. Either that, or the possessed hand gets ahold of the glove.
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    Re: Evil Dead 4 & Freddy vs. Jason 2

    I am actually mor einterested in the Iron Man news.
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    Re: Evil Dead 4 & Freddy vs. Jason 2

    Evil Dead 4 would be cool, but Freddy Vs. Jason 2, who cares about that. I mean the 1st one was ok, but certainly not worthy of a whole frachise of showdowns between the two. I agree taht the only way Evil Dead 4 would be great would be with Raimi as a director. I mean it was basically his style of camera work that made the first 3 films work. And he did start the franchise and seeing as this is what got him started I don't see how Raimi could pass up a chance to make Evil Dead 4. But since Spider-man 3 won't be released until 2007, then it looks like we will have to wait at least 3 years for Raimi to even begin to start taking on Evil Dead 4 and Bruce Campbell will be close to 50 by then. Hey who knows, maybe Evil Dead 4 will be out before Indiana Jones 4.
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