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    ROTK Oscar Awards, Star Wars III Possiblitites?

    Well, with the Return of the King garnering 11 Academy Awards, what are your thoughts of Star Wars Episode III being able to capture any awards and accolades? Granted, awards do not a movie make, but it would be nice for George to be able to be applauded for his life's work with his last installment.
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    Nope, won't happen.

    SW and GL are persona non grata in Hollywood. George might as well bunk with Mel Gibson, another successful independent filmmaker.

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    Well, let's look at the facts:

    Lord of the Rings was faithfully based on a masterful work of literature long loved by millions of fans the world over.
    Star Wars was loosely based on one man's rememberances and of numerous works (some masterful, some not so much) that he enjoyed as a child.

    Lord of the Rings is stunning visually.
    Star Wars is stunning visually.

    Lord of the Rings has broken a lot of interesting new ground in terms of using computer "enhanced" effects shots, specaillizing in hyper realistic and enormously huge battle sequences.
    Star Wars (Lucasfilm and ILM anyway) paved the way for this to happen.

    Lord of the Rings offers deep and interesting characters that deliver heartfelt, emotional and well-written dialogue.
    Star Wars offers nice looking and well intentioned characters that deliver 2 dimesional dialogue that screams "help me!!!!!!" on behalf of George Lucas to the script doctors of the world.

    I'm with Caesar - it ain't gonna happen. They'll win for effects or sound and that will be about it.

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    I hope it wins LOTS of awards, but only if it deserves it. Let's see if GWL can make this movie good enough to win awards .

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    No way, as much as I love STar Wars, this modern trilogy can't even touch Lord of the RIngs. Maybe if this were the original trlogy we were talking about and Return of the JEdi was coming out, then I would say yes.
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    But George Lucas will probably get one of those "Lifetime Achievment" awards that the academy gives to those old people, even if they are still active making films. I don't see EP III getting nominated for 11 awards, let alone 2 or 3. I have seen pictures, and I get very excited, but then I got that way for Episodes I & II only to feel let down by the sappy dialogue, and bad acting. As much as I hate to admit it, LOTR was a much better written movie, and I enjoyed watching almost everything in all 3 films. Star Wars Episodes I & II had some moments, but I found myself falling off to sleep during some of the other parts.

    May the Force be with George on this last film though.
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    Another reason it wont happen is because George Lucas is against the Studio system. They explain George's dislike for it in his autobiography "Skywalking" George makes his own movies -produces and releases them himself. He's not dependant on anybody or anything else. The Academy of Motion Pictures & Sciences dislikes him for making his own rules and not playing by theirs. Therefore, its not likely at all that George or Episode III would win an Oscar.

    It would be nice though.
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    yeah, i can only see SW getting nods for visual effects and whatnot. The acting is sometimes subpar and the dialogue leaves a lot to be desired AT TIMES. Then again, i don't know how you can make a line like, "travelling through space ain't like dusting crops, boy!" sound very elegant and whatnot.

    I think George should get some sort of achievement award as the OT gave away to many great advancements in technology and whatnot.
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    If George licked the boots of Harvey Weinstein and allowed New Line to distribute Episode III, there would be a few more nominations next year.

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    Here's an interesting Oscar-related question:

    Under the new rules for sequel music, the score for a sequel must be either 60% or 80% new music and not re-used music to be eligible.

    How did LOTR:ROTK qualify for this? I love the music, but it's the same old main theme and Rohirrim theme over and over, with a bit of new stuff.

    Whereas AOTC used the main theme in the beginning and end, tossed in a tad of Yoda's Theme, The Imperial March, and Duel of the Fates, and was mostly new music--and arguably the best SW score yet--and yet wasn't nominated.

    Same thing goes for Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets, while we're at it.

    But, hey, don't mind me. I'm still stewing 'cause Danny Elfman and Mitch & Mickey both got screwed at the Oscars this year in the music categories.
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