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    Happy birthday Guyute.

    Our newest moderator just turned 22 recently. So give it up for the birthday boy.
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    Happy Birthday JMG!!! It's a good time for birthdays
    May you never have to use your powers
    Something about him reminds me of my older brother, Rex.

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    Wishing he was at SDCC. *sigh*
    You young moderators, it's no wonder my threads on Barry Manilow keep getting deleted! J/K ! Happy Birthday young Padawan!
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    Like Weird Al once said, it's time to celebrate your birthday. It happens once a year. You eat a lot of broccoli and drink a lot of beer. You should feel very lucky that you've got something to eat; a million people everyday are starving in the streets.

    (Come on, boys and girls, sing along!)

    That's my jacket!

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    It's your Birthday.........your B-B-B-B-Birthday

    Happy Birthday Guyute. Hope you live tosee many more. And don't stop closing those manilow threads.
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    Happy B-day JMG! Mabye ToyBiz will give you that Abomination figure you've been looking for. Make sure to invite Jesse Falcon to your party!

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    heheheheh *blushes and giggles* thank you thank you very much!! I appreciate all the good wishes!!!

    Reefer Shark- I would probably bust a n- well, i'd be very excited if i somehow got that damned abomination figure! hee!
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    Happy one week til Dawn of the Dead DVD release day to you !

    Maybe someone will treat you to a pre-street copy form KMart on your birthday ?

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    [FONT=Comic Sans MS]Happy Birthday bud! [/FONT] 22. wow.

    **thinks back to 22**

    got new car..
    got caught in new car..
    Had ankle braclet attached to leg..
    gave new car back to rightful owner..

    22 was fun..

    okie okie, never stole a car.. at 22 I was playing new dad.. ahh the days..
    [FONT=Comic Sans MS]Salsa Shark.. I think were gonna need a bigger boat..[/FONT]

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    To quote the classics:
    You're one year older,
    one year wiser,
    rock n roll star,
    king, czar, and a kaiser.

    A room full of friends,
    a mouth full of cake,
    every present is for you
    and it feels pretty great.

    You're the man of the hour,
    the V.I.P.,
    you get the first slice...
    of the P.I.E.

    But first, blow out the candles...
    and make a wish,
    put a smile on,
    'cause it's your birthday bi***!
    - Hesh, Sealab 2021

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