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    New 12" figures.

    What new 12" firures would you like to see? I would like to see Zuckuss and a new Boba Fett since they made the other bounty hunters.

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    12" Skiff Guards and Sail Barge passengers!

    Plus a 12" scale Jabba with Salacious Crumb and a new more articulated Slave Leia.
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    I'm all for more 12" figures. I have all of the vintage crowd except for IG-88 and didn't think I would buy the new ones. But Admiral Ackbar and Lando changed my mind about that. Now I have about 30 of the new ones and counting. I can't wait for the Death Star Droid and Death Star Trooper, as well as the projected Zuckuss, Dengar, Leia as Boussh, Oola, and Gamorrean Guard.

    Who still demands the 12" treatment?

    1. Momaw Nadon - Often forgotten in the world of the 12" figures are the cantina denizens, and "Hammerhead" would make on incredible figure!

    2. Nute Gunray - All of the sudden Episode 1 has been forgotten in the realm of the 12" figures. We must have this great figure.

    3. Klaatu (Jabba's Palace version) - I like this costume and the look of the alien. There's all kinds of things going on with the costume, lots of layers and such.

    4. Nein Nunb - Come on, we have got to have a large size version of this guy. He's too cool to do without any longer.

    5. Weequay - I once started a custom 12" Weequay then, sadly, discovered I was allergic to the two-part resin I was going to use to cast the head from a sculpt I made. Needless to say I never finished it (or the 12" Ree Yees I had also started), so perhaps Hasbro could pick up where I left off. I just thought it would be cool to have the braided hair and a big version of his force pike.

    6. Mas Ameeda - I can't get enough of this guy with those great horns. A 12" scale version would be too cool for words, and logical since he returns in Episode II.

    7. K-3PO - Yes, I know this invites what is effectively a repaint, but I love the droids and want more of them. And leave off the stupid dark splotch this time, Hasbro. There were more shots of this droid clean than mussed up! A pointer device on a coil (like the coil on Watto's accessory) would be an ideal pack-in.

    8. Gonk - Come on, admit it. We all want a 12" scale Gonk droid! It could come with interchangeable accessories that can be snapped onto the top to replicate the various pieces seen on Gonks throughout the series.

    9. Destroyer Droid - A Destroyer in this scale would certainly make up for the lack of availablity of the Action Force version.

    10. Princess Leia (Bespin Gown) - This is a costume of Leia's that really needs to see the large scale treatment.

    Well, there's a good 10 to start with.

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    Ok, one more escaped me:

    11. Rebel Fleet Trooper - I can't believe this one slipped my mind! I don't think I have to explain the appeal of having one of these guys in a 12" scale.

    And while we are at it, since these guys come out in threes, here's #12.

    12. Endor Rebel Soldier - Imagine that great costume, a removeable helmet and backpack featuring cloth and plastic components. Plus a great Rebel blaster rifle.

    But wait, a 12" scale Destroyer would be too big to fit in the regular packages, so we need another regular figure, #13.

    13. Hoth Rebel Soldier - And why not, we have every variaton of Imperial soldier in a 12" scale, or will shortly!

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    Giff, Zuckess actually was slated to be release this Christmas together with Dengar and Leia Boussh. But Hasbro has released a statement saying the trio will be delayed "till further notice" claiming they have to consolidate their resources on EPII.

    I think I'll like to have some Cantina Aliens. We have Ponda Baba & Greedo, maybe Momaw Nadon or Lak Sivrak or Dr Evazan will be great additions?

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    12 figs.

    Nute Gunray, Senator Palpatine and an E1 C-3PO would round out the !@' E1 line. As for classic characters I would like to see More Cantina Aliens,like Duros and Hammerhead, and Maybe Mufftuk who's big and furry like chewie and the wampa, He could come in a two pack with Kabe.Also a 12" expanded universe line would be cool, It could include Mara Jade, Dark Jedi Luke and Grand Admiral Thrawn.

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    I would like to see

    1. Amanaman
    2. Yak Face
    3. Gammorrean Guard
    4. Klaatu
    5. Barada
    6. Niktu
    7. Dengar
    8. Zuckass
    9. Jabba the Hutt
    10. Yarna D'al Gargan
    11. Momaw Nadon
    12. Dr. Evazan
    13. Max Rebo
    14. Droopy McCool
    15. Sy Snootles
    16. Jon Yowzah
    17. Rappurtine
    18. Ak-rev
    19. Destroyer Droid
    20. Yareal Poof
    21. Oppo Ranscisic
    22. Even Piell
    23. Eeth koth
    24. Plo Koon
    25. Yaddle
    26. Ki-Adi-Mundi
    27. Adi Gallia
    28. Depa Billaba
    29. Saesee Tiin
    30. Bantha
    31. Rancor

    I won't even touch Expanded Universe.
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