Hope springs eternal in Texas. Though (judging from posts in "Just Found USA) it seems that Texas is often the last state to receive the new Star Wars figures, we do tend to get them eventually. And despite repeated attempts to get some kind of reply to a call for a DFW collector's club that went unanswered, I am trying again. The infamous DingoDad and I would like to extend an invitation to all DFW area Star Wars (and indeed other toy and action figure) collectors to join us in promoting a Collector's Club, arranging meetings and forums at local toy and comic shows (I know that Ben Stevens of the Dallas ComiCon is always quite accomidating of local clubs), and promoting Sir Steve's Guide to those who are not in the know.

These days Dingo and I can be found most weekends at the same locale in Arlington (almost an equal distance between Dallas and Fort Worth) and would like to use that as the springboard for the club. We can start rotating venues from time to time, schedule periodic meetings, and even use Yahoo Groups as a centralized message board to keep in touch with members and schedules. Naturally we would try to arrange some kind of meetings to coincide with the Dallas ComiCons (April, July, October), Wizard World (November), and All-Con (February). This is the sort of thing that will only work if we put some effort into it. If nothing else it will make it far easier to network on local finds and we could all make some new friends in the realm of collecting.

What do you say DFW locals?