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    What I want

    Well I just watched CW 1-10 again. While watching it I thought of some figures I would like. Iknow we listed some before, but besides Obi in CLone Armor and Speeder, I want a deluxe Arc trooper, with grappling hooks, Bazooka, and binoculars. Even that Holographic thing they throw in the air. It would almost be like the Ulitimate Jango, but in 3.75 size. Or heck, make it a 12" figure and do the Ulitimate with him too. It doesnt matter to me if they make it Red or Blue.
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    I'd wanna see a Brand New Non-over-exagurated posed Clone Trooper with Speeder Bike and a Lance. I'd also like to see an IG Lancer Droid with SWOOP Bike. On the subject of an ARC Trooper, I'd like it if they repacked the Red one with a retooled waist cape and Double Blasters.
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