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Thread: Where's Tycho?

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    Where's Tycho?

    I'll try to be brief, (which I'll fail at miserably), so those of you who could care less, stop reading here.

    For the last 2 or 3 of you with morbid senses of curiousity...

    I've been kidnapped by aliens and they are experimenting with cloning more of me on the dark side of the moon.

    No, really.

    1) I am the chief copywriter and editor of my local community newspaper, and when I sit at my desk and write, that is my first priority: getting issues and important public and political agendas out on time. It also has to do with the legal issues concerning public notice about policy hearings, and other complicated stuff.

    I started here at SSG in 1996 as the Star Wars Comics and Books review writer, and created Rogues' Gallery, that e-zine newsletter I did while I was in college that a lot of our oldest regulars subscribed to.

    When time concerns and frustration with making deadlines for this site, as well as ones in the business world forced me to make a choice, I struck out to earn a professional living.

    I continued to serve as your Polls Editor / Moderator and was able to handle that for a while. Remember new polls used to be a regular issue on Mondays? Well, I'm running a business now in financial services, and while I am my own boss, Monday mornings are very busy times in the market, and I supervise other agents / representatives, so I choose to handle my business and especially the needs of my clients first. I'm just not reliable for regular deadlines on a volunteer site for my hobby right now.

    That may change, as I'm training managers to run my business for me so I can work even less, but in this industry, I'm not going to let go of the reins any time too soon until everything's in place.

    But after 8 years at SSG, I'm not going to go anywhere else! I'm at home here and like talking with all of you.

    2) However, the 2004 selection from Hasbro does not really inspire me to discuss it that much.

    a) The OT vintage carded SA figures are wonderful, I just don't really think I'll be buying any. Dioramas are my hobby with Star Wars, and while I want a lot of OT characters, none are resculpts. I'm after a few more Jabba goons, Ewoks, another dignitary, a LOT of Cantina aliens, some Rebel pilots and a select type of Imperial Officer, a few Jawa Sandcrawler Droids - pretty much the really obscure. While I understand that resculpts / re-releases have to happen for new collectors and born-again-fans, I'll skip them. I'm running out of room and buying a large house (soon I hope) really, and almost solely, to tastefully display my collection - as dioramas. As much as I think the OT vintage carded figures are cool, I'll leave something out there for me to admire in YOUR collection. I don't have to have it all.

    b) so right now, there's less for me to discuss. Less time I want to spend here versus at other activities that are more profitable, and so therefore, I want to be subscribed and following less threads. I'm sure I'll discuss Clone Wars II, Smallville, Enterprise, etc. I just have less stuff concerning Star Wars on my mind right now. It will be a refreshing break before I come back in awe of Episode 3 no doubt.

    c) without being able to discuss religion and politics, I've also sought other venues to express my opinion about these issues, and gotten involved with exploring them some more, and participating in things with new friends in "real life" groups.

    3) So this is really just a break for me right now. I'll still be around, a little less often, and maybe in 6 months to a year, I hope to create a really awesome diorama pictorial section with photos of my stuff set up in my new house, so I can share with everyone again.

    But that might explain why I'm not listed on staff right now, what I'm doing, what's going on, and sort of let people know when I'll be coming back.

    I highly encourage those of you with interests in SW Comics and Books, or writing new polls for the site, to contact Steve if you can volunteer, and take up the reins where I've left off.

    This is the best Star Wars site on the web, and it's truly a great experience to be part of it!

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    Well Tycho, he shall be missed. Hope to see ya in the funny pages.
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    I think you need to reorganize your priorities.

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    Wishing he was at SDCC. *sigh*
    Well, I'm going back to working 75 to 80 hours a week pretty soon. I need money to support my son, as well as my SW habit, so your not likely to see me much.

    Tycho, good luck with your house hunting and other outside SSG ventures!
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    Wow, you drift off the boards for a bit to dig into work, drive the new car all over creation, and dive into other things and you come back to Tycho, a staple, in a way saying "good-by" for now.

    Man, I gotta start coming back more often...

    Good luck sir and *all together now* "May the force be with you"

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    Funny that he is the one that started the thread!!
    I will deeply inhale the aroma of a mouse droid for your departure.....
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