As someone who didn't watch any reality series regularly (with the exception of "Millionaire") I am hopelessly devoted to this show on NBC.

Basically, a contingent of young men and women from different business backgrounds, divide into two teams and compete against each other in various contests that involve wheeling and dealing, selling, profit, and more. The team that is successful gains immunity while the losing team has to face "The Don" (Donald Trump) in the boardroom where one of them gets fired.

I have a lot to spout off for and against this show, but I'll save much of it for later. Basically, I only see a few rising stars among the original pack of 14 (I believe that was the number) and Amy seems like the one who will win it all because she is the common denominator to whatever team that wins.

Most of the men suck, especially Nick, who has in my opinion, hung on only because of his personality. He is all bark and no bite and couldn't sell his way out of a paper bag.

Omarosa was a good talker and seller, but she brought out the worst in everyone, plus her excuses seemed lame so she got the axe last week.

Any predictions for next week or for the eventual winner?