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    Chewbacca's Manpurse

    What's in it?

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    I don't know but it's very metrosexual of him.

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    You look through his fanny pack, I aint goin near him
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    Nice!!!! Thanks for the laugh, I never thought of it before.
    Maybe his co-pilots license?
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    I always thought maybe it as a book containing the scripts to the prequels and a diagram of how everything in the PT COMPLETELY connected to the OT. I could be wrong though.

    It's probably some tick spray, a comb, a pair of clippers and his cell phone in case of of his friends back on Kyshkk or however you spell it, are trying to get a hold of him for a late night game of Beer Pong or something.
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    I'm going to assume it was filled with hair care products.. maybe a gel or two.. IV he kept it all combed back, with Empire he started to let it go.. The bed head gel if you will. In ROTJ he must've given them all up except the clippers. Too funny..
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    I've got the Unleashed Chewy sitting here in front of me next to the monitor and the manpurse is fairly prominent. Too bad it doesn't open. Sounds like an opportunity for some customization.

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    That's is where he keeps pictures of Mala, Itchy and Lumpy.
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    I always sort of thought he had a rubber chicken or some sort of gag item...
    Probably also contains a classic "groucho marx disguise" in case he has to go undercover...
    Ohhhhh..... must resist using other terms for "man purse"(though it's hard to imagine worse, somehow)... for some silly reason this feels like the most dangerous thread I've participated in in some time
    An ideal birthday laugh, good one Stilla!!!
    Something about him reminds me of my older brother, Rex.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jedi_Master_Guyute
    It's probably some tick spray, a comb
    He already has one? Now what am I supposed to get him for Christmas?
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