Pretty cool premiere !

Wow, there were a handful of lines that made me burst out loud with laughter. First of all was a comment by Robert Loggia which I can't repeat here, then Silvio's mid-sentence lecture about the olive oil, and what got me the most was Christopher's irritated "METEOR. METEOR." to Paulie.

I like the look of the season so far and I think there are several great storyline possibilities. However, how pathetic are these characters? I mean, what a bunch of filth, eh? Tony is delusional in thinking he could ever win the heart of a class act like Jennifer Melfi and sure enough he shows his true colors when he calls her that word on his way out of her office.
Tony Soprano has always been a dirtbag on the show but I still found him likeable in a weird way . . . but the way he's gotten since the end of last season and now with this premiere, he's just a downright creep.

Great show !