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    The Shield: Season 3!

    The Shield Season 3 begins this Tuesday night at 10pm on F/X. My F/X channel repeats the same new episode at 11pm too (so you can see it twice when something shocks you!)

    This show is not for those who were offended by seeing Janet Jackson's breast!

    This is like hardcore corrupt cops in like a reality TV story that's written so well it's actually believable.

    Any fans out there?

    Is this going to be a closer season? How long until a lot of Vic's team or Vic himself gets killed or caught in the act? How long until the police brutality is exposed? Or will they get away with it? What's the producer / writer saying about police corruption?

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    I became a fan after catching the past two seasons in rerun. It quickly surpassed my other favored cop show, NYPD Blue. I'll be sure to join in on the discussions, though, for this season. I hope it continues the greatness that has been the first two seasons.
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    I wish that I could opine but unfortunately I do not get F/X.
    I hear so many good things about this show and I know that I like Michael Chiklis so I'll have to rent the DVDs or something . . . enjoy season 3 !

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    Ive been catching this shows repeats at night (10 around here) and ive become hooked. Im thinking someone else in Vics team will get hurt, possibly killed. I dont think they will get caught anytime soon either, that would just about kill the show. Tycho, i too often think about what the message is: is it justifiable since the people they do it to are "bad" guys or is it showing what probably does happen behind the scenes in real life precints? At times watching the show i feel what they do is right, but then i think to myself that no cop should have any power to do what they do, and its not exactly humane either.
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    Oh, I have been seriously jonesin' for new episodes! I became a regular during Season 2 and went out and bought the first Season on DVD! I love this show! Next to Nip/Tuck it's the best thing FX has going for it!

    In fact I am watching the last 2 eps of Season 2 right now as I type.

    BTW, I also have a DVR cable box, so I can record, rewind and be shocked as much as I want!!!

    May the force be with you.

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    Hereby starts real season 3 discussion:

    First, does this show ever really make you get ticked off at the characters?

    Shane had no business buying that car for his girl. They are supposed to be lying low - but at least he's using credit. But how whipped can he be? She NEEDS a new car to sell real estate? BS. I'm in financial services and while I am driving something fairly nice, when I was new, you can use that for people to give you a break and their time of day to offer you "a chance to prove yourself." Often you get more time of day using that "I'm new, could you please give me a chance?" approach.

    Vic always tends to upset me more with his stupidity. He's going to use that cash in a gun-deal? Brilliant. Several things can happen: - they can trace it back to Vic with his prints on the money - plus the officers' "deal money" he requested won't get used correctly (sure that stuff has to be documented) or they can mix money up and return the bad marked money to the police instead of the right pile - then they'll come looking to how that money got mixed up into police funds from the Armenian Mob. 2 - Vic's buddies on the strike team will find he's tapping it and think it's a double-cross and someone will rat on them or take the money and use it more carelessly, getting them caught. 3 - Vic (if he's really smarter than I think he is) can (or accidently can) get that traceable money into the hands of the gun runners, so they think that the gun runners hit the Armenian Mob and ripped off their cash -but the rest of the strike team will still be angry because Vic didn't ask them if they could use the funds, and he wasn't even there when they took the money in the first place.

    Next - they're cops. Are they so stupid to think that the serial numbers on the cash is not being traced? That's why there ARE serial numbers on money. Duh. Really Vic - how did you ever pass Police Academy if you're THAT stupid?

    Then there's Claudette...when is she going to go all self-righteous? Will it cause justice to be done, or will she screw up Vic's chance to set things right? (If he gets so motivated).

    Vic's wife? Is she going to have an affair with the tutor helping their son? Will that set Vic off the deep end? That'd be perfect for his rap sheet he's running up (invisible though it may currently be).

    Captain Haceveda (Spelling) - why is he staying now? What difference can he make? I thought he was losing the election? The "Last Year on The Shield" made it look like he's winning the election. And the Chief is going to can him (or force his retirement) if he doesn't win - so is he making his last minute difference? How will that affect Vic?

    Is Connie (name?) going to be Haceveda's rat?

    Is Julian going to get beaten up for follwing that biggot cop home and beating him up? Will he have charges pressed against him? Or is it over? (doubt it - but you never know).

    And is Dutch going to get caught with "bad pictures of kids" or something. He's so clean cut and trying so hard, yet he understands (or admits to it when most of us won't) how he knows how the minds of perverts work. He's so desperate for some action, what's really going on in Dutch's lonely life at home? Maybe he'll free Julian's ex-boyfriend out of the hole and play bad cop with him? I don't think Dutch is that type, but desperation does funny things to people - and it's always the good, nice, quiet ones. Dutch is losing the battle to stress and feeling like he's normal. He's the poster-boy for those not wanting to be a police detective!

    This season promises to be another frustrating character study into the lives of those who are armed and stupid. It amazes me how the show hooks you in and actually makes you root for fools you know should go down for their dirty deeds. Sometimes I wish Claudette would snap and go on a shooting rampage in their precinct office! You sort of don't like her do-gooder, party-spoiler character, but if she shot the rest of them, somehow justice would get done - though not the orthodox way mind you. Hehehe.

    What do you guys think?

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    I saw it, but...I'm pushing 40 minutes until I have a spanish class and a review session for early British lit., so I will hold all thoughts I have until a later time.

    One thing, of course they're going to do some stupid things with the money. They can't just have them sit on the money for a year and never do anything with it. Where's the fun in watching that? I don't think Vic's wife will be doing anything with their son's tutor. And Claudette, I wish her character would die off or get knocked around like Julian did. Another point, I loved Julian's little revenge he took on the cop. Looks like he's learning a thing or two from Vic and company.

    And the foot in the box, what a way to start the season off right.
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    I was puzzled by Acevedas stay too, i thought the heat would come down on Vic with Claudette and him watching over his shoulder now but i guess that wont happen right now. I kind of hope Claudette calls them out, im sure many people in that office suspect them of improper behavior but dont say anything to keep from being branded a rat. Im sure Julien will catch some heat, maybe enough so that he has to turn to Vic in order to help save him, therefore being in debt to Vic. I can see Vic trying to recruit Dutch into being a bit crooked. I think if anybody gets them in trouble for using the cash it will be Shane, that and he doesnt seem to like how well Vic has gotten along with the new guy. How will Vic handle the rapper guy and his boys taking on the Byz Lats? Will he let both sets tear each other up (i doubt it) or take out the rapper who no longer trusts him and could possibly expose his past dealings? This season is off to an interesting start indeed.
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    Heheh - this thread will quickly turn into a "How they can get away with it" thread.

    My suggestion: the Gangsta Rappers already broke their end of the deal by hitting the Biz Lats. Great. Vic owes them nothing.

    They're using the bad money to buy guns the same time the gangs are, right?

    They encourage a double cross, get everyone else killed, and pin the money on one of the dead gangs, and they get out of it.

    If they wake up, they'll realize they can't use that cash!

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    According to the "On the next all new Shield..." announcement on FX last night it looks like the Byz Lats end up catching Vic and his crew, but i think he will slip out of it by being rescued by Tavon, therefore making them all in debt to him and possibly cutting him in on their dealings. I suspect at one point somebody will use the marked money and after that has occured Vic will learn of the money being marked. What happens after that (assuming it does play out that way, i have a hunch it will) is up in the air.
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