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    Re: I miss Tales from the Crypt.

    Title: Tales from the Crypt
    Starring: John Kassir (Voice)
    Released: 12th July 2005
    SRP: $26.98

    Further Details
    Warner has announced the complete first season of Tales from the Crypt which will be arriving in shops from the 12th July this year. Based on the legendary and gruesome EC Comics from publisher William Gaines, this horror anthology featured stories of murder, the super natural, gore and humor and always had a twist ending of sorts. Some of Hollywood's biggest names took part, either working in front or behind the camera. Each of the episodes will be presented in 1.33:1 full frame along with English 2.0 Stereo Surround tracks. Extras will be included on this one, but Warner has yet to reveal what they will be.

    Notice the SRP. Seems cheap at first, but then you consider the release says it will be the "complete first season." According to TV Tome the first season had six episodes: The Man Who Was Death, And All Through The House, Dig That Cat...He's Real Gone, Only Sin Deep, Lover Come Hack To Me, and Collection Completed.

    So this looks like just six episodes being released at first. Wish season 2 would be included. I also hope these are the uncut versions and not their syndicated versions.


    Making the morning DVD rounds I just went to TvShowsOnDVD and saw this little bit of added info:

    Now HBO puts all six first-season episodes onto a single DVD, with a second DVD disc full of special features (the details of which haven't been revealed yet).
    Guess that confirms it will just be the six episodes.
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    Re: I miss Tales from the Crypt.

    Hey it's a start !

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    Re: I miss Tales from the Crypt.

    I can live with it until additional seasons are released! Hopefully like you said, it's the uncut versions.
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    Re: I miss Tales from the Crypt.

    I'm not concerned - if HBO itself is involved in the DVD release there's no way they'll hack it up.

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    Re: I miss Tales from the Crypt.

    More news on it over at

    MTFBWY and HH!!

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    Re: I miss Tales from the Crypt. (Now with DVD news!)

    TVShowsonDVD has posted the following as a rumored list of extras for the Season 1 set:
    New DVD introduction from the Cryptkeeper (voiced by John Kassir)
    Featurette: "Tales From The Crypt: From Comic Books To Television"
    Featurette: "The Cryptkeeper's History Of Season 1"
    That second featurette sounds real familiar. Where have I heard of that title before? Oh yeah . . .

    I wonder if that list turns out to be true, if the featurette on Season 1 will have any direct relation to the 2 Disc documentary dvd.
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    Re: I miss Tales from the Crypt. (Now with DVD news!)

    TVshowsondvd received the cover art and here it is.
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    Re: I miss Tales from the Crypt. (Now with DVD news!)

    Well, I guess that cover art is okay. I like the overall design, it's in keeping with the show's comic book roots. I think it'd look better if the Crypt Keeper was done in comic style instead of just including a pic of the actual puppet.

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    Damnit I love Tales from the Crypt, so let's continue the episode by episode commentary here then, shall we ?

    Picking up from there, I finished disc 1 of season 3 and there are some great episodes in there:

    The Trap starring Bruno Kirby and Bruce McGill as a pair of brothers. Fantastic pairing, I love the characters and it's nice to have a happy ending once in awhile on this show.

    Loved to Death - what's up with Andrew McCarthy's eyes? That guy always creeps me out. Not a bad episode but not the greatest. I like it.

    Carrion Death - some good stuff in that one, some cheeseball as well as some nice gore.

    Abra Cadaver - I LOVE this one, it is one of my favorites. Great premise and it's kind of freaky.

    Top Billing - probably my favorite of the season so far ? Great, great episode. Jon Lovitz is outstanding in this one, I really like him. The ending? FANTASTIC.

    Dead Wait - directed by Tobe Hooper and I like it. Spooky when it comes to Gimli and his "condition"...I can take just about any kind of gore and blood without flinching but those worms, man that actually got to me.

    Just a note to any new readers, I don't go in depth on these, basically just logging my reaction so I can come back to it as a refresher down the road as others watch these episodes again and post on them.

    I'm watching them all in order but feel free to hop in with any comments on any episodes from any seasons.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Caesar
    Damnit I love Tales from the Crypt, so let's continue the episode by episode commentary here then, shall we ?
    Sure thing Caesar... you are still going to have to give me some time to catch up though.
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