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    No hurry, I'll be waiting. I will watch a few more tonight.

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    Season 3 finished off pretty strong in my opinion with some really good episodes:

    The Reluctant Vampire - this one rocks! It's got Malcolm McDowell and George Wendt, not to mention Paul Gleason and especially Michael Berryman as Van Helsing. Plus it has a happy ending (well, for a Crypt episode I guess )

    Easel Kill Ya - Tim Roth stars. Enough said!

    Undertaking Parlor - pretty goofy and cheesy but I like it. John Glover delivers the cheese and since it stars a group of kids (including Data from The Goonie) there's going to be a goofier element to it. Fun. And those huge video cameras are very nostalgic.

    Mournin' Mess - I like this one, it's one that I remember from my youth. Steven Weber plays the main character, a reporter digging for info on a homeless-charity group. He succeeds in getting to the bottom of what's been going on.

    Split Second - Another one I recalled vividly from when I was a kid. The logging one with Brion James as a jealous boss.

    Deadline - I think this was my least favorite of the last disc of season 3 but still not bad.

    Spoiled - correction, THIS is my least favorite of this disc.

    Yellow - I saw this one recently, it's on the Zemeckis DVD and it's pretty cool. Long, too, it was definitely longer than the usual 25 or so minutes for the other episodes. Good stuff.

    I'm looking forward to getting to work on season 4.

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    Hey Jaymz, I just watched Ritual. It's not as bad as I was expecting it would be but it wasn't very good, either. I don't have much of a reaction to it other than the Cryptkeeper was terrible in this one and he doesn't even have an outro sequence at the end (though if you go through the end credits, there is an outtakes segment with him).

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    So it was the real Cryptkeeper (I've seen pics of him from the film and he looked like the real deal) and no funny stuff was pulled by creating new scenes with that...thing they call the Cryptkeeper from the tv series DVD menus?
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    It looked to me like it was the DVD version.

    Thing is, the movie is from 2001 so it could be a puppet different from the classic TV puppet but still different from the DVD menus...either way, it didn't feel right to me.

    And he wasn't even down in his Crypt, for god's sake. I don't mind his dreadlocks (Deadlocks ) and Jamaican accent because it fits with his tradition of playing dressup but why did it have to be "on location" ?

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    Was he in the crypt for Demon Knight? I remember the opening featured him on a movie set directing a film with John Larroquette.

    I think that film ended with him in the crypt, though, before he went to the movie's premiere and had his head cut off. I guess I'm saying I don't mind him not being in the crypt for this film, but the different puppet stuff does bother me.
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    That's a good question, I can't remember about Demon Knight so I might eat my words on that one.

    For Bordello he was in the Crypt, right? Isn't that when Bill Sadler is playing the mummy?

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    Yeah, he was playing the game where they kept cutting off body parts in Bordello.
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    Ok Caesar... you'll be happy to know that I've finally got back onto Tales From The Crypt. I've started where I had previously left off on the second season with that only being the first disc and Ep. 4. I watched these late last night so my memory is kinda bad and I can't remember the characters names to save my life. I know I'm way behind but I'll try to refresh your memory on the episodes.

    'Til Death - Dude needs money for land developing in the swamp, finds rich millonaire girl, voodoo and so forth. I thought the first half of the episode was extremely boring. It wasn't until his wife came back from the grave and chopped the one dudes head off at the dinner table until it got somewhat good. One of the best cheesy/funny parts of this episode was when he caught her on fire near the quick sand and she said "I'm burning with desire". I couldn't help but to laugh at the good cheese. Anyways, I liked how the guy tried to kill himself with the bottle labeled "Poison" but the voodoo lady brought him back at the end so he could be with his now skeleton wife "for life".

    Three's a Crowd - Dude freaks out becase he fears that his wife is sleeping with a really close friend that spends tons of money on her/them. The three end up going to a cabin somewhere where the husband gets extremly jealous and goes nuts. This was another so-so episode but the ending really saved the ep. I thought it was great how they he pulled his dead wife into the one cabin/house and they were throwing them an anniversary party, also announcing that he was going to be a daddy. Classic stuff, I loved the ending.

    The Thing From the Grave - Young Teri Hatcher is a model and her fiance (Miguel Ferrer) offs the man she has recently fallen for. This was another okay episode. The first half was kinda slow but the ending again made up for it. Young Teri Hatcher (I can't stress this enough as she was much hotter then, than she is now IMO) laying tied to the bed was fantastic. I loved it when the guy Ferrer killed, rose from the grave to get vengence for Hatcher. The best part was when he pulled Ferrer into the grave and started burying him alive, along with himself. It was funny but great at the same time.

    Again, I apologize for not being able to remember names and whatnot. Like I said, I watched these episodes right before I went to sleep last night. Right now I am watching Disc 2, The Sacrifice. And it is ANOTHER love story. With exception to "Cutting Cards" (which is my favorite ep. off the first disc starring Lance Henriksen) the entire first disc was basically love stories; I'm looking forward to the rest of season as most of them are not.

    I'll keep ya posted on my thoughts and opinions as I progress through this season and the next.
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    Good reviews, kind sir ! Keep 'em coming, your write ups are more informative than my little blurbs.


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