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    I miss Tales from the Crypt. (Now with DVD news!)

    I really do.

    I wish HBO would revive the series or at least play the old episodes once in awhile. I rented a VHS tape from my local video store, the only tape they had, and I really enjoyed it today. It featured these three episodes:

    -Demi Moore as a gold digger who marries Jeffrey Tambor (in a fat suit).

    -William Hickey aka Uncle Lewis from Christmas Vacation who gets a body transplant to win the much younger girl of his dreams, played by Kelly Preston. This episode was co-hosted and directed by the Governor of California.

    -Lance Henriksen in a HILARIOUS episode of extreme gambling featuring a very tense scene of Russian Roulette.

    During a rare visit to KMart last week I noticed a Crypt DVD for $5.99 which features 3 episodes directed by Zemeckis. I couldn't resist and while I haven't watched it yet, I vaguely recall the episodes:

    -Scary Larry Drake aka Dr. Giggles aka Benny from LA Law as a crazed killer in a Santa costume.

    -Dan Aykroyd and Kirk Douglas as WW2 era(?) soldiers . . . I can't remember the surprise in this story but I think I remember enjoying it.

    -The episode which follows the perception of a dead guy who looks like Humphrey Bogart (was this the series finale?).

    There are so many good episodes to this show and I'd love to see them all again. I remember the one with Brion James as a lumberjack. He blinds a guy for being intimate with his wife and by the end of the show the blind guy is a master logger and he gets to cut through Brion James and his wife while they are tied and gagged. Good episode !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Caesar
    -The episode which follows the perception of a dead guy who looks like Humphrey Bogart (was this the series finale?).
    No, it was not. The final episode, if I remember, was an animated episode about the three pigs with Bobcat Goldthwait lending his voice to the wolf. It premiered on Fox on a Friday as part of an hour long showing of Tales. The other story in the hour timeslot I believe was a repeat and I think it starred Eddie Izzard. Forgive me if I messed any of this information up, but it's been awhile since I watched the tape I have of that episode.

    I'll share my favorites, too.

    There was an episode about a boy who was forbidden to go outside by his parents (I think he was adopted or something) and his parents would leave the house every night. The boy forms a strong friendship with the butler, played by the aforementioned Larry Drake. The boy ends up being a werewolf and his parents are vampires. It's a great episode and it's a lot better than my feeble description makes it sound.

    Another episode was about a felon being chased down by a cop. To make a long description short, the felon ends up having the cop handcuffed to him and the cop dies. So the felon gets to carry this cop's dead body around with him in the desert.

    There's another episode involving a mortician and his nephew. Well, I think it was his nephew. The mortician is a rotten character and he eventually kills his nephew for some dumb reason. The mortician has to cut his nephew's legs so that his body can fit in this coffin (his nephew was tall)....Well, let's just say the mortician gets a very creepy visit from the cut off legs at the end of the story.
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    Interesting . . . so did the show move to Fox after HBO ?
    I know there were edited cuts of the show sold off to syndication but this is news to me.

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    Caesar, I'm not 100% sure about it's move to Fox. I believe toward the end of Crypt's run, the show went to Fox for new episodes. Don't hold me to that, but I'm looking for information right now that will help confirm that.

    The show did have syndication with SciFi and AMC, but this was just within the last few years. Fox was showing Tales episodes (obviously cut from their original HBO broadcasts) as part of their Friday lineup. I think eventually Fox was showing new episodes produced just for Fox, like that Three Pigs episode.

    I could be wrong about this info, though. It's been quite awhile since all this happened. 7 years or so, I estimate.
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    Re: I miss Tales from the Crypt.

    I was just going to send a PM to Caesar about this documentary dvd news, but I thought maybe some others might be interested in it.

    Anyway, Dread Central has a story about a Tales documentary dvd being released later this month. It seems to focus on the comics and their influence, but I thought fans of the show would be interested, too.

    Here's hoping for replies.
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    Re: I miss Tales from the Crypt.

    Y'know, just the other day I was listening to Elfman's Music For a Darkened Theater Vol 2 and thinking, "Man, someone ought to bring back Tales from the Crypt."

    It's been a generation now. I think quality horror movies in theaters, using the original opening sequence and featuring the requisite intro and epilogue with the Crypt Keeper would be excellent. Kinda like a cross between the series proper and Demon Knight. (Bordello of Blood wasn't as bad as everyone makes it out to be, but let's leave it out of this.)

    Imagine Elfman's theme playing on theater sound systems, as we take a trip into the crypt on an enormous wide screen. . . then how many of the folks who are too young to know the greatest of the Crypt Keeper would pee in their pants at the end of the intro?

    And if they ever get around to releasing the series on DVD, it must have commentary by the Crypt Keeper. Character commentaries are generally a silly idea, but this would work so well.
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    Re: I miss Tales from the Crypt. (Now with DVD news!)

    Well, I guess that cover art is okay. I like the overall design, it's in keeping with the show's comic book roots. I think it'd look better if the Crypt Keeper was done in comic style instead of just including a pic of the actual puppet.

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    Damnit I love Tales from the Crypt, so let's continue the episode by episode commentary here then, shall we ?

    Picking up from there, I finished disc 1 of season 3 and there are some great episodes in there:

    The Trap starring Bruno Kirby and Bruce McGill as a pair of brothers. Fantastic pairing, I love the characters and it's nice to have a happy ending once in awhile on this show.

    Loved to Death - what's up with Andrew McCarthy's eyes? That guy always creeps me out. Not a bad episode but not the greatest. I like it.

    Carrion Death - some good stuff in that one, some cheeseball as well as some nice gore.

    Abra Cadaver - I LOVE this one, it is one of my favorites. Great premise and it's kind of freaky.

    Top Billing - probably my favorite of the season so far ? Great, great episode. Jon Lovitz is outstanding in this one, I really like him. The ending? FANTASTIC.

    Dead Wait - directed by Tobe Hooper and I like it. Spooky when it comes to Gimli and his "condition"...I can take just about any kind of gore and blood without flinching but those worms, man that actually got to me.

    Just a note to any new readers, I don't go in depth on these, basically just logging my reaction so I can come back to it as a refresher down the road as others watch these episodes again and post on them.

    I'm watching them all in order but feel free to hop in with any comments on any episodes from any seasons.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Caesar
    Damnit I love Tales from the Crypt, so let's continue the episode by episode commentary here then, shall we ?
    Sure thing Caesar... you are still going to have to give me some time to catch up though.
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    No hurry, I'll be waiting. I will watch a few more tonight.


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