I really do.

I wish HBO would revive the series or at least play the old episodes once in awhile. I rented a VHS tape from my local video store, the only tape they had, and I really enjoyed it today. It featured these three episodes:

-Demi Moore as a gold digger who marries Jeffrey Tambor (in a fat suit).

-William Hickey aka Uncle Lewis from Christmas Vacation who gets a body transplant to win the much younger girl of his dreams, played by Kelly Preston. This episode was co-hosted and directed by the Governor of California.

-Lance Henriksen in a HILARIOUS episode of extreme gambling featuring a very tense scene of Russian Roulette.

During a rare visit to KMart last week I noticed a Crypt DVD for $5.99 which features 3 episodes directed by Zemeckis. I couldn't resist and while I haven't watched it yet, I vaguely recall the episodes:

-Scary Larry Drake aka Dr. Giggles aka Benny from LA Law as a crazed killer in a Santa costume.

-Dan Aykroyd and Kirk Douglas as WW2 era(?) soldiers . . . I can't remember the surprise in this story but I think I remember enjoying it.

-The episode which follows the perception of a dead guy who looks like Humphrey Bogart (was this the series finale?).

There are so many good episodes to this show and I'd love to see them all again. I remember the one with Brion James as a lumberjack. He blinds a guy for being intimate with his wife and by the end of the show the blind guy is a master logger and he gets to cut through Brion James and his wife while they are tied and gagged. Good episode !