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    How will you cope with the zombie apocalypse ?

    If (when ) the events of Romero's Dead Trilogy become reality, how do you think you'll handle it?

    What environment would you most prefer to be in ? Of course a safe island would be ideal but how about the journey there? Will you barricade yourself in a mall? Will you take refuge in a secluded farmhouse?

    With whom do you want to be fighting for survival? Sure, you can put together an all star fantasy team but once your pilot gets bitten (before training the others how to fly) well you'll be in trouble, eh ?

    Personally I hate the idea of being cooped up. Sure it's safe but I would go mad from claustrophobia or something like that. An underground military installation is a good way to stay alive but I'd rather be out in the open.
    Maybe I would seek to live in the woods or something. Assuming the walking dead are slow moving, I figure a wooded area would help to slow them down. All one needs is a good safe distance and an alert to their presence. Of course, it would be hard to store ammunition so I would want to be near a smaller town which I could head into rather covertly. Kinda like in the movie Red Dawn.

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    Hm, personally, i would like to be secluded in a house on the top of a hill surrounded by trees! hehehehehehe I don't think many zombies would make it too far up a steep enough hill and if they did, biggity bam!!! I've always said that in the event of a zombie apocalypse, we zombie geeks will be ruled as high class as we know how to deal with them quickly.

    However, my friend, are these the regular slow, decaying zombies or are we talking about or those really fast ones. If we're talking fast, i'm screwed as i'm a slow runner, but if we're talking slow, oh man, this would be too much fun!! Cheers!!
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    Slow, most definitely slow.

    A) I made that assumption in my opening post.

    B) It wouldn't be fun to discuss this impending doom with fast zombies on our minds because in that event, I'll most likely **** my pants and get killed right away.
    And then come running after you ! ! ! !

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    I'd like to play the gun slingin' cowboy during this crisis, but I think it would take some time for me to get over the shock. I mean, the dead walking the earth? That's end of the world type stuff there, and I don't think I'd be making out like Duane or Tony and rallying people to terminate the living dead. I can see me pulling a Barbara '68 and ending up like our flannel wearing friend from Dawn.

    If I somehow survived, I'd like to take refuge in a multiple story building. Just last it out a few years, and the dead will be rotting away to nothing. Then it's time to repopulate the world.
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    I'm sure I'd freak out as well . . . but you know, as soon as I saw Guyote getting eaten alive I think I'd want to spare myself the same fate.

    JBF, I am intrigued by your idea of waiting it out while they rot. Is the reanimation a one time thing or will it last into perpetuity? If that's the case, then we're screwed either way because we'll die of old age while waiting and then just reanimate.

    One thing is for sure - if either of you blokes get bitten and need someone to wheel you around the mall, I'm there for you !

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    When in Rome, do as the Roman's do.

    In other words, turn to cannibalism and party with the undead hordes. By the way, you guys are looking almost good enough to eat. Braaaaaaaaaaaaains.

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    Yeah, it would depend on what the cause is. If what Peter says is true, though, well . . . I guess I better be getting a buddy who will put me down proper so I don't come back. Or hope the divine being behind it all flips the zombie switch to off so I don't have to suffer.

    Something funny to ponder about the zombies who are intact with their internal organs. Well, when they eat the flesh of others, do their bodies do the digestion thing? If that is so, does this mean zombies make feces? I have often wondered this, because no film has ever addressed the issue.
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    JBH, I don't believe that the bodies of the undead would digest their "meal."
    No scientific reason why, I just don't. I think of the one in Day who tries to feed without even having the proper internal organs so personally I think digestion is independent of their killing.

    So then what happens when one eats too much ?
    Well, maybe he/she/it would just bulge and explode eventually. I don't think we would ever find out for sure because it seems like the zombies can rarely find a good meal.

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    Well if I had a choice of ending up anywhere in the world I'd pick the mountaintop hideout/monestary in the James Bond flick "For Your Eyes Only". I think its called St. Cyril's and it actually does exist. The only way up or down other than by air is through the use of a basket type elevator thats can be lowered from the hideout. There wouldn't be any way for zombies or looters to gain access. You really couldn't get any safer than that. If you had air transport and you were brave enough you could occasionally go out for some much needed resources.

    Realistically though you would probably have to settle for something more practical and readily available. If there was a pilot in my group I would definately try to barricade us in a high rise building with the option of leaving by helicopter via the rooftop if need be. The problem with staying anywhere though without air transportation would be the lack of resources such as food and fresh water. So a shopping mall would be ideal but securing it would be the main obstacle.

    I don't think waiting it out would be an option though. The scientist on the television in DOTD made an excellent point that the un-dead would never starve since their food source (human flesh) would never deplete itself. So unless they were all incapacitated in some way the problem would never be rectified.

    I think pondering what you would do in this situation is what makes these zombie movies so much fun. Much like any disaster film you wonder how you would react when everything you know and love is in ruin. In reality most of us would probably make mistakes based on emotion and end up dying pretty quickly.
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    Well, if the world was about to end, and Zombies were coming at the world, I would loot the 7-11 of their beer. Hole myself up in a room with one window and one door, and sit there with a shot gun and bullets. Get drunk and blast away. When I ran out of bullets, then I should be nice and drunk and not care if I die or not.
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