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    Thumbs up Now Hasbro Should Hire This Guy

    I would love to have this Jabba the Hutt...

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    I think this is the same place that did the custom Sandcrawler & Jabba's Sail Barge.

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    i'd love to have that jabba and throne. and hasbro could easily do this piece, as they already have some great sculptors, but i'd hate to see the hidious paint job they'd give it.

    they should of made this instead of the dewback.

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    Isaw that auction on there. Iposted about it in the Saga Section. I loved it. They should hire thatguy to do some work for them. He does great work on customs. Wish I could afford some of them. The Sith infiltrator he did was real nice.
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    what sith infiltrator do you have a picture i wanna see it. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by chrisc
    what sith infiltrator do you have a picture i wanna see it. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Here's their site.

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