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    OTC Cantina Aliens 3 Packs

    The Swami over at Galactic Hunter has more predictions, one of which is the Cantina Aliens 3 packs. There are supposed to be 2 sets of 3, which will include Kitik!! Its exciting news, since the Swami's previous reports have been very good.

    Do you think Hasbro will release any other new, never before made cantina patrons, or do you think that we will get a Hammerhead, Walrusman, Greedo rehash?
    When those guys first came out when I was a kid I was so excited, but now in the modern line they have been released so much that I am tired of seeing them.

    I hope we get new aliens! And what about a curved bar section???
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    I for one cant wait for Kitik in any way. 3-pack, or not, want this figure.
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    Er - I know I posted in this thread sometime between 3 and 4, but now it's gone. I mentioned the thread that was taken down, so my post got taken down too? I don't understand that. Before this gets deleted again, could someone tell me what is going on?
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    Huh? Swami predicted? Can I have a link? GH doesn't work too well on the computer I'm on.

    Cool! Fianlly Kikkid!

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    I saw your thread JabbaJohn, so I know it was here briefly. I was going to post a response, but had to go offline for some reason or another. When I came back on I couldn't find your thread again.

    Anyway, what I remember about my response was that someone was groaning about the possible Target cups w/X-Wing Fighter or TIE Fighter, especially since we're already getting OTC versions of those ships. My feeling is that if those cups happen, they will probably come with one of the micromachine versions of the ships rather than the 3 3/4" scale versions.

    As for the Cantina 3-pack, I'd be fine with one set simply being Cantina Bar wave 2 in new packaging, as I'd love to get Kitak Keedk'ak (one of those characters I never thought would get made in plastic -- like Wol Cabas****e!), but hope that the other set is all new characters. Which ones I don't care, but if it came with 1 Tonnika sister and 1 Saurin, buying two sets would take care of the paired characters. Those astronaut guys look pretty similar too. I don't know how they drink in those outfits, but, hey, that's another thread.

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    Actually, It COULD be the Action Fleet Ships, not Micromachines that comes with the Cups.
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    Thumbs up

    Yay, Kitik Keed'kak. This is the rumor I have been waiting to hear.
    Kitik Keed'kaks for everyone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. JabbaJohnL
    Er - I know I posted in this thread sometime between 3 and 4, but now it's gone. I mentioned the thread that was taken down, so my post got taken down too? I don't understand that. Before this gets deleted again, could someone tell me what is going on?
    Jabba- JT deleted that thread as i believe it just opened a link to another BBD discussion. Sorry for the hassle!

    I would LOVE to get the MIA Cantina sets out once and for all. Though, i swear, i walked by those "rare" ones like 10 times when they warming pegs. I could be wrong, but i swear that i saw Kitik and the other rare one. cheers!!
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    this figure looks pretty good from what i have seen when they were going to release it back with the failed "cantina" line. i would love for there to be a cantina wave just like the jabba wave. that would rock!
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    That would be awesome if we finally get Kitik. I really hope this all happens.
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