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    Lightbulb MMT Carrying Case

    I think it's called the MMT. If not, then what I'm reffering to is the huge "elephant" vehicle from Phantom Menace, that carries the rack of battle droids into battle.

    Anyways, I'm sure we'd all love to add this vehicle to our collection of Trade Federation toys, but the chances of Hasbro ever making it are slim since its' size would force it to cost somewhere in the $80-$100 range, and therefore not sell until an inevitable price cut.

    BUT . . . if this vehicle were to be produced as a carrying case . . . what a good idea. Unlike the Queen's Royal Star Ship, and AT-AT, the MMT would not need any interior detail, electronic effects, or removable panels. It's selling feature would be the battle droid dispensing rack. The rack of course would need a bit of creative altering so that it could hold a variety of figures, other than just battle droids.

    Wouldn't this be a good solution to providing us with a necessary vehicle for our collections at a cost that won't discourage retail success? As long as the outer detail isn't compromised (like it was w/ the Falcon carrying case), I would buy a couple of these. It could even come with an exclusive folding up battle droid (or two).

    Anyways, I've had that on my mind for awhile, and figured if my idea inspires you all to talk about it more, then maybe we'll see it made some day.

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    What a cool idea! It beats the pants off my idea for a carrying case: An Action VI Wild Karrde with exclusive Talon Karrde action figure.

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    That would be an MTT, and Pepsi Japan made one into a can cooler that held 2 dozen "battle droid" cans (pepsi cans with removable plastic battle droid tops & bottoms), so Hasbro could do this.
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    If the rack was able to hold both folded battle droids and other regular figures as well that would be cool. But I'd rather they didn't waste the effort and made the droid rack troop transport barge instead. the one with a pilot droid at the front and the rack slapped on at the back. That to me is much more interesting both visually and in terms of storage space need for one and also for display and play purposes. An MTT would just be a big box going by your description of how it would work. A big brown box that looks ugly and takes up acres of room. I can see where you're coming from with it but I still prefer the idea of the droid rack barge. :happy:

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    I like the idea and I think that Rollo's idea is cool too.

    Oh I wish that would happen.
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    I think you could combine those ideas. Make a MTT carrying case. And then release the droid rack transport barge separately, but make it fit inside the MTT carrying case.

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    I like the idea about the barge, but i'd rather see a real MTT instead of a carry case. Also, when is Hasbro going to make Battle Droids that can actually fold-up? In my opinion all the E2 and future BD's should be able to fold.


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