Ever since I was a kid and we had 3 chanels on the TV (no cable) one of my guiltiest pleasures in life has been to watch this ridiculously cheasiest of shows. I detest all other soap operas but Days is so bad it's good. Some of the best episodes yet have been on due to that stupid serial killer storyline I just have to know if anyone else here watches it. I mean the shear stupidity, incompetance, ignorance, lack of professional knowledge that any layman would know, and incompetence ( I know I mentined it twice) demonstrated by everybody on that thow blows my mind. Some of the plots (especially those revolving around possesion, Celeste, micro chips implanted in people's brains, Celeste, ghosts, Celeste, Genetically Engineered in Vitro twins, Celeste, dead peple coming back to life, Celeste, and Celeste) are so insanely stupid that I literally laugh out loud. If no-one else here watches it, they don't know what they're missing. Hell, even my father watches it. (yes I have a job and a life)