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    But now how will John Cryer pay his bills? And that kid, will he go all Lindsay Lohan/Leif Garret now? Can the show last as "One and a Half Men"?
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    Well, officially, it's only been cancelled for the remainder of the season. Hopefully that means it'll be gone for good, though, as I really can't see the behind-the-scenes people at the show reconciling with Sheen.
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    Personally I very much like the show. Beats all those stupid reality shows, and the judge, and Jerry Springer crap. Not to mention it's on during the nightly so-called news time slot.

    I'm kind of surprised he chose Alex Jones to do an interview. He is the most famous anti-establishment, conspiracy theory radio talk show host out there.
    I'm glad he gets some publicity though.
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    Well, I couldn't care less about Charlie and his show, I've never watched it.

    I have been enjoying "Mad Love" though!

    I'm not really into sitcoms, but there are a few I like enough to DVR.

    S#*! My Dad Says
    The Big Bang Theory
    Mad Love
    How I Met Your Mother

    I usually DVR them until I have 2 or more episodes and then watch them back to back.
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    I think Mad Love has some potential... so far so good. I've also been enjoying Traffic Signal and Perfect Couples. I've added those three to my DVR sitcom list, which also includes, Big Bang Theory, The Office, Community, 30 Rock, The Middle, Modern Family and Rules of Engagement.
    I think I watch too much TV.


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