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    Nasa tv

    Does anyone watch (or even get) this channel?

    It's been really interesting lately with Discovery linked with the ISS. Watching footage of the EVA installations of the new multi-purpose module has been interesting.

    I think this channel is a worthwhile use of my tax dollar!
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    We don't get this channel. I'm such a space nerd that I would totally watch this all the time.

    I love following the launch coverages on NASA's internet site.
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    Whenever I turn it on, it seems to be during the silent time showing wonderful shots of the earth and its cloud formations, but no "action."
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    I guess I'm luckier with the programming. After I come home from work, there's usually a daily briefing as to the activities on the ISS at 1AM to 1:30AM. I'm not subject to the "silent treatment" as much at that hour.
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    What a beautiful return to Earth by the shuttle Discovery!
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    Yes in-dee-dee! Unbelievable the numbers they call out during re-entry. Mach 23!!!???

    Did you catch Discovery's total service time in orbit? 365 days over its career!
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