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    Tony Todd news for Candyman & other films

    Recently appearing in London for the British capital’s Film and Comic Convention, iconic genre actor Tony Todd found the time to tell Fango’s Calum Waddell exciting news about a couple of upcoming sequels. “Right now we’re prepping a fourth CANDYMAN film,” reveals the ever-friendly star. “It’s going to be big-budget—we’re looking at $25 million. There have been a lot of successful horror films made since we did the last movie, and Clive [Barker] and I have had three or four meetings about the film, talking about storyboarding ideas.”

    The actor goes on to reveal some intriguing information about what is sure to be a must-see event for any self-respecting follower of stalker cinema. “It’s going to be set in New England, and the initial image will be of Candyman in a blizzard. The story is about a double identity. I can tell you that it’s set at an all-girls college where there is a descendant of Candyman—a professor who doesn’t actually know who or what Candyman is.” Todd also claims that the film will have nothing in common with 1999’s badly received, straight-to-video entry CANDYMAN: DAY OF THE DEAD, which the actor himself admits some disappointment with. “It’s going to be stand-alone,” he says of the new project. “There will be no number attached to it.”

    As for Barker’s involvement, Todd explains that the best-selling novelist will be “absolutely hands-on” with the movie, adding that “he’s a story consultant and an executive producer.” Fango has also learned that Barker is angling to reclaim the movie rights to both the CANDYMAN and HELLRAISER franchises—with an eye toward a FREDDY VS. JASON-style teamup film!

    Another exciting revelation from Todd is that there will be a FINAL DESTINATION 3. “Right now they’re prepping it,” he says. Although the actor has no specific information about the third film’s plot, he does claim that his macabre morgue attendant Mr. Bludworth is likely to make a further appearance. “They didn’t kill me, did they?” the actor teases. And Fango has heard rumblings that his and everyone else’s character will receive additional dimension in the sequel—plans are to shoot it in 3-D!

    Tony vs. Doug? Hmmm, it might be able to work. Well, I'll leave this one for other horror fans to think about.
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    Tony + Clive for another Candyman = GOOD

    Tony + Clive + Doug = BAD

    I think Tony Todd is sorely underused in films. He seems to get recognized most for Candyman and FD 1 & 2 . . . as well he should because there is some good stuff there. But my favorite of his is still Night of the Living Dead '90 because his character is so well done and a real hero.

    I remember seeing him in The Rock and Lean on Me (I think) but when I look over the rest of his film resume I think he should be in A LOT more projects. Preferably not a Hellraiser spinoff.

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    I really enjoyed the first Candyman but really don't see the point in doing another sequel. To me it just seems like the same idea being recycled over and over.

    All these horror cross-over ideas are getting a bit ridiculous IMO. Sure you could make Hellraiser and Candyman work but is it really necessary. I'd rather see more original horror ideas getting the green light rather than these proposed teamups.

    As far as Tony Todd is concerned he is a fine actor. He does seem to do quite a few cameos though. It would be nice to see him in more staring roles.
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