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    Carded Madine, Han and Lando

    I feel a great disturbance in the Force.

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    Is that a Photoshopped pic of Han I see on that package? Awwwww... innit cuuuuute?
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    Yeesh. Why couldnt Hasbro at least use the shot ACTUALLY in the movie with him pulling off the stunt inside the AT-ST? Still, these look pretty cool carded.
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    Seeing the picture of Han they used on the package just reinforces for me how ridiculous this figure is! The other two look great, but I'll be passing on the Han. Of course I probably won't find any of them, so the point is moot...
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    Hans Helmet looks way to big for him. It rem,inds me of pics we seen with the little boys in the fireman's helmets. Needless tos ay, they all look pretty cool.
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    The Han looks a little silly, and wasn't completely necessary to begin with, but the other two look great. Madine has been a long timne coming, and the newer Lando looks awesome. I love how they did the gun holster! He looks dead-on to me! He'll look great in that new Falcon sitting next to Nein Nunb!?!?!?
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    The Han figure is questionable. There is nothing in ROTJ that suggests to me that Han actually put on an entire AT-ST driver uniform. Why would he have to? He was in a tight close-up on the viewscreen. The helmet and glove would have sufficed. This is further complicated by the fact that when the Imperial squadrons run outside the bunker, Han is in his usual smuggler's attire. It seems as though Hasbro is trying to get us to buy the notion that Han stripped down, disguised himself as an AT-ST driver from head to toe just long enough to fool the Imperials, removed the uniform, and then hurriedly put his original clothing back on. This is a ridiculous proposition considering that the Rebels were pressed for time as it was. I'm curious as to whether there are any obscure production photos out there that support this concept, although, judging by the photoshopped image, I have a feeling this is just a figment of Hasbro's often misguided imagination.

    The other two figures look cool. It's great to see Madine finally get the justice he deserves, and the resculpt of General Lando is a definite improvement over the POTF version.
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    The Madine head sculpt is horrible IMO.

    I agree about the pic of Han, they should have used the scene from the film, instead of some horrible photochoped version.

    The Lando is on par with every other Lando since POTJ. I like it, but a cloth cape would have been nice as well.

    I will be looking for these...along with the TIE Pilot wave, the Holo Luke Wave, and the Jedi Luke wave.

    Nice to know that these actually exist though.

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    A neat idea for a new Han figure, but the with that chin strap they should rename it "Han Solo--Michael Dukakis Clone."
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    Well I think the figures look great. The pic of Han is pretty laughable though. You could probably get away with having a few extra of him in an Endor diorama though since the figure could pass as a generic AT-ST driver. Madine's head sculpt does look a bit off but I'll reserve judgement until I have it in my hands. Lando does seem to be a huge improvement over the POTF2 version too. Hasbro's Saga line continues to amaze me this year. Good stuff.
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