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    The Evolution of Vehicles in the Star Wars Galaxy

    Think about this:

    32 years before the Battle of Yavin,

    Droid Fighters were widely used.

    N-1's were one type of favored manned fighters, a bit on the elaborate side.

    The Jedi preferred the small but hard to hit Delta-7 starfighters.

    Patrol craft with small troop carrying capacity evolved with Kuat Drive Yards' Firespray class vessel.

    Contracts with Sienar Fleet Systems ultimately see the rise of TIE fighters.

    As the galaxy moves into an era of war, heavy bombers like Y-wings are built.

    TIE vehicles include their own bombers.

    Incom creates the Z-95 Headhunter, for a small superior fighter. It's deluxe version becomes the T-65 X-wing fighter.

    Some company along the lines goes back towards something similar to a Delta-7 design, and the A-wing sees a lot of service.

    Combining engineering from the X-wing, and incorporating the rapid mobile assault platform features of a gun station, the B-wing fighters are designed to harry capital ships with superior firepower from small fighters.

    TIEs expand their firepower capabilities with the Interceptor models.


    Consular ships in early use were the popular Republic Cruisers.

    Several different models of varying sizes were employed.

    Private diplomatic ships like the Queen's Nubian and the Senator's transport could be more custom-made and elaborate.

    The Corellian Corvette blockade runner came about as the galaxy needed a larger, faster transport, capable of carrying troops as well as supporting large weapons emplacements.

    Mon Calamarian ships were adapted for combat and turned into devastating battle platforms and fighter carriers.


    Troop carrier ships began with the Republic battle cruisers.

    Star Destroyers became standard later.


    This will continue, but people can comment on this now if they wish to.

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    I think the OT vehicles are way cooler than the PT ones so far. The only PT vehicles I am in to is the Gunship.

    The OT ones just have more personality IMHO.
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    This gets especially interesting when you try to figure in EU vehicles like the Dreadnaughts and AT-PTs and Victory-Class Destroyers and s-95 Headhunters, which seem to not quite go with the flow of the films.
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    Gotta agree with JON9000, and I'd add that I don't really see much real evolution between the PT vehicles and the OT vehicles, except when it's forced such as on the Jedi Starfighter, Sith Infiltrator, and Acclamator-class Republic Assault Ship.
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    For my tastes, I found the Hailfire Droid and those Mini-Star Destroyer-like ships (at the end of AOTC) to be the most interesting and "believable" for the Star Wars universe. Other attempts, like Maul's Infiltrator and the Jedi fighter, were forced designs to "tie in with" the OT. They didn't really have unique personalities of their own the way the Hailfire and the Naboo fighters did.

    Ultimately, I think that a lot of this "believability" comes more from the general atmosphere of the respective films than from any specific design element. Each of the ships from the OT fit comfortably into the very comfortable and viable environments the OT films presented to the audience. In other words, everything onscreen really felt as if it could very well exist somewhere. On the other hand, for me, the Prequels have a distinctly artificial flavor wherein I have trouble with that suspension of disbelief thing. Because a great deal of the environment looks fake, very few of the elements blend into it either. I think it would be an interesting experiment for ILM to build a few Hailfire Droid models and shoot (with film) and blend the results into something like the Hoth battle. As it stands now, "cartoons" laid into scenic "cartoon" backgrounds gives the audience very little room to manuever the imagination and concentrate on the story.

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    I remember hoping to see the vehicles in EpII start briding the gap between Trilogies. I didn't see that (the Slave I doesn't count - it's the same ship) right until the the Star Destroyer predecessors were pulling away full of clones. That, for me, was a very nice close for the film because it went a long way toward tying the PT in to the OT visually - something I'd been having a little trouble with until that point. The music helped quite a bit as well.

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    The same happened to the AT-TE which transformed into AT-AT
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    One thing I really like about OT ships is that they looked used, worn and crusty. Everything in the PT looks pristine and new. Okay, I get it. It takes place before the OT. However, in the grand scheme of things, it really wasn't that long before the OT, so I cannot see how everything degraded so far so fast. I like the used look better, every ship had more personality (although maybe McQuarrie is simply a genius compared to today's designers, although it looks like Lucas has a lot of control).
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    No it was (supposedly in fiction) the war that turned all the OT stuff into used-vehicles.

    Remember, until the end of Episode II, the galaxy is not at war. It's NOT Star Wars - almost exactly Stillakid's point much of the time.

    It's Pre-Star Wars. The story that's continuing is Anakin's, but not a "galactic civil war."

    E1: Naboo was an isolated incident. Most military equipment of the time was not damaged, vehicles on Coruscant and other wealthy planets were new, nothing was really shot up. Most of the galaxy (as demonstrated in the Senate) could've cared less about what happened to Naboo with the Trade Federation. It's just the characters we were following, especially Padme, and almost to the same extent Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan (because it was their mission) all cared about Naboo - so hopefully the audience does. The galaxy does not. But presumably some time during the battle Naboo is damaged up, and Captain Typho appearing in the next movie with a missing eye is part of that.

    E2: There's no war throughout the movie until Geonosis. Then all the new gear the Clones bring in gets damaged up and can't be totally restored, because now the galaxy is totally at war after the first shots were fired on Geonosis. Even looking at Slave-One which is totally new, vehicles start to get battered up and downgrade from here.

    E3: this movie should feel more like Star Wars, because the galaxy will have been 4 years into a bloody civil war now. We know that while governments may change (the Empire comes to power) the war really won't end until Episode 6. So stuff in E3 should be pretty beaten up after constant battle.

    The OT:

    Y-wing fighters were not supposed to have their engine pannels showing, etc., but the nice covers with planetary defense force markings on them could not be replaced once blasted off. So ships in the OT take on a used look. The Falcon is another example. Snowspeeders, etc. Most TIEs and Destroyers and other Imperial gear looked newer though.

    If you like the OT better than the PT, that is because you like what was the true concept of Star Wars.

    The PT is just that: Pre-Star Wars, although with the war started now, Episode 3 could fit in to the OT really well, and only the first 2 Prequels would be so much the different.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sergiurusu
    The same happened to the AT-TE which transformed into AT-AT
    I've heard that from others, but I don't personally feel that way at all, they have very little in common I think. The AT-TE is more like a fat insect than the elephant-like AT-AT, I don't feel reminded of the AT-AT much at all by the Tactical Enforcer. Obviously that's what they were going for, but I think they missed the mark.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tycho
    Remember, until the end of Episode II, the galaxy is not at war. It's NOT Star Wars
    You said it! And this is another fine point to add to the growing claim that TPM shouldn't have Episode I at all, it's barely a prologue to the story told in Ep II and, as you said, "NOT Star Wars". I think Lucas lost sight of the actual Star Wars and started believing his own "it's all about Anakin" hype.
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