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Thread: At-st

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    Well, I know that the pics have been circulating for a while now, but I thought I'd bring this topic back up considering its close to coming out.

    One old AT-ST with a slightly different paint job, a speeder bike, and a new ewok figure for $30, and its a TRU exclusive to boot. I really think I'll pass on this one, I have 3 AT-ST's already, as well as a handful of speeder bikes, and I don't really want a Paploo fig. Plus, $30 is a little steep IMO.

    Anyone else have any thoughts?
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    I think this set is pretty dope, you get a $20 AT-ST, a $10 speederbike with exclusive figure, and you pay what you would normally pay for them. The only bone of contention I have is that they're a friggin' TRU exclusive, I'm really sick of exclusives.
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    Originally posted by JediTricks
    I'm really sick of exclusives.
    arent we all? :happy:
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    Distribute those exclusives!

    I agree, especially when we somehow see these items pop up months later at another store at a sometimes reduced price. (not that this is the case for all exclusives)

    I think hasbro and their vendors would benifit from a more wide spread distribution.

    This keeps stores honest and is good for the economy ie competition. Besides The stores that have exculsives may not be in ones area and someone may have to travel a riduclous distance to find a particular item. (only to be angered by the fact that the particular store in question either didn't orde enough or ran out of the item) and just try to get them to special order something. what a joke. the employees would rather not be bother with the extra paperwork and excuses abound.

    I guess the hunt is what makes a collector. Although the availibilty of a product should still be a concern for both Hasbro and their vendors.

    okay back to your normal posting and enough of my ranting.

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    It would almost be worth $30 if the guns on the durn thing were movie accurate.
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    good value

    I think this is a great value for the merchandise. the only thing might have been to include a at-st driver.

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    Honestly my only complaint, as one pointed out before, is for more movie acurate blasters and grenade launcher. But hey, no problem. This is a very cool set and is definitly worth the $30.

    As for it being an exclusive, yeah that does suck, but TRS at least makes sure to stock their exclusives...
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    I can't wait for this set to come out. I think it's cool! I missed the AT-ST when it first came out. More speederbikes are cool and it has a NEW Ewok. Hasbro definatly doesn't make enough of those.
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    Has anyone notice that the handlebars on the speederbike point in now instead of up? That means your POTF2 biker scout may not be able to hold on while riding this baby. And forget about putting the potj scout trooper on it.
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    All the pictures I've seen have the handlebars the same as the other one. It's just that Paploos arms are closer together than the biker scout and they pull the handlebars inwards thus giving that impression of them being re-modelled.

    I want to know if it's a one piece speeder bike or still blast apart. They said it would be molded in one piece at one point. I'd actually prefer that cuz the other ones always falling apart in my hands when i pick it up.

    But the AT-ST is great even if it is out of scale and only holds one figure inside. And the guns are wrong and the feet are wonky and it doesn't stand up well and the mechanism for making it walk is clunky and awkward and the movement is really crap and the stickers are poo and there's no open view ports. But apart from that it's great. The green on the legs will be interesting in my docking bay diorama. Like the two AT-ST's have just got back from different worlds and misions with the dirt of many varied terrains on the feet.

    Yes I really really hope I can find one of these when they're released.:happy:


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