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    Actually, JT, the only origins given for Unicron and Primus in G1 was in the Marvel comic, where they were both rather organic-looking gods. Unicron was the Chaos Bringer, who longed to destroy the universe and live in nothingness. He had, in fact, destroyed at least one universe. When fragments of the previous universe collided and caused the Big Bang which formed ours, Unicron was awakened and immediately set about destroying everything again. The universe created Primus to stop him. The two battled for eons, too closely matched for either to win, in both the normal universe and the astral plane. Finally, realizing the stalemate and the danger posed to the universe by their battle, Primus tricked Unicron and trapped the two in different barren planetoids, which were sent to opposite ends of the universe. Unicron soon learned how to transform into a mechanical version of his former self, and began to destroy things again (only much slower, because he was trapped in a physical form). Primus created two races of robotic beings that could transform (much like Unicron). To one of these races, he bestowed the Creation Matrix, which embodied most of his life force. Over time, the two races began a seemingly endless civil war, and became known as the Transformers. Only the power of the Matrix or a truly unified Autobot/Decepticon army could stop Unicron.

    When Primus was awakened from his sleep during a battle, Unicron learned the hiding place of Cybertron. Optimus Prime attempted to unify the Transformers, but, for various reasons (Grimlock and several others being in unknown locations, and the inherent hatred Decepticons bore for Autobots), they were not properly unified when Unicron struck. Only Optimus Prime, restoring the goodness of the Matrix after it had been corrupted by Thunderwing and other evil beings, was able to destroy him, sacrificing his life yet again in the process.
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    The cartoon gave an origin for Unicron. Essentially, Unicron was one fo the final creations of a mad scientist who built robots. Unicron was the largest, and broke free of his prison. Basically, it was the old "creation gone wrong" to the Nth degree.

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    Oh yeah. I forgot about that.

    So a mad scientist built Unicron, and the Quintessons built the Transformers, and (according to the Transformers Universe comic, which I believe was based on backstory info from the movie), the Quintessons were essentially Unicron's advance agents. So, then, one mad scientist was responsible for the creation of the Transformers in the cartoon?
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    I kinda just ignore the everything that took place after the movie. :P

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    Welcome to conversations from a week ago. I understand that you're a little busy with something or other, but it's still a little hard to dial myself all the way back to before that awful movie Megatron was leaked.

    Anyway, I'm not limiting myself to G1 or anything, you were mixing up your continuities, while I'm just going by the most current continiuty that Hasbro puts out. From now on, I promise I'll stick to the generalities and leave the insane, goofy-looking Marvel G1 stuff to you.
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    What is the problem with movie-tron? I have not seen any pics.

    And, I tend to think Unicron's origin as a "device gone amok" nicely fits with what real editors and writers have done with the character.

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    Dom, you can see pics of movie tron in the movie thread. and then you'll see that it's a Sauron rip off.

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    I actually really like the movie designs. Part of me wanted to see the G1 designs used, but honestly, I like this new concept better. They DO look more alien, more mechanical. I still love the G1 designs, and they may always be my favorites, but it's been 20 years and I like the fact that I'm looking at something new. I'll always have G1, and I'm even getting updated molds (with Classics and Alternators, not to mention Masterpiece) in the toy line.

    And so what if Megatron is a Sauron rip off? Star Wars is a rip off of the entire LOTR series and you still love it.
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    how much is michael bay paying you to write that, chaddy?

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    MP Starscream Production pics:

    What the hell happened here??? His smirk is all sloppy, his head is long, his arms are stubby and fat, and his hip junk is carrying all the tail kibble which is utterly ludicrous. I think having the tail crap stick way off the back of the bot is the worst thing they could have done, it's anti-masterpiece - Prime had no kibble, that's part of what makes him a great piece, but this is just a big chunk of ugly.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    Kylo Ren - came from Space Brooklyn, although he moved to Space Williamsburg before it was trendy.

    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.


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