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    There is no EU in TF, it's all a rich tapestry of broken continuities, and Beast Wars is part of the G1 canon so there *are* sparks and you are a whiner. Classics is not part of the G1 canon so it's as much EU as any Minicon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JediTricks View Post
    it's all a rich tapestry of broken continuities
    That's really funny. (BTW, yes, I still read this thread. )

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    Quote Originally Posted by El Chuxter View Post
    I'll be voting with my dollar, as I buy all the Classics except these Minicons. They're EU. And so are sparks, by the way.
    I can see Chuxter's distaste for sparks though. They are one of themost over-used and mis-used McGuffin's in TF fiction.

    Minicons are not EU, they are official characters. But, they have no place in classics. (Hionestly, it would not have been much work for Hasbro to come up with better scouts.)

    Oh, here ya'll:

    Hearts of Steel #4:

    Bah. It fell flat and imploded. Grade: D Not worth discussing further.

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    convention comic

    Dawn of Futures Present
    BotCon 06 exclusive comic

    After the monumental let-down that was Hearts of
    Steel, it was nice to get exactly what I expected from
    a Transformers comic. And, when a TF comic has a
    title that is clearly trying to piggy back on an old
    arc from the Claremont years of X-Men, you can expect
    something truly awful.

    Frankly, this might be the worst Transformers comic
    I have ever read. Yes, it is worst than IDW's Beast
    Wars comic, Dreamwave's WWII comic, worse than
    Universe/Wreckers, and even worse than the club-comic.
    I could at least read those without putting the comic
    down in despair. This comic actually made me mourn
    for a fanfic that it over-wrote. (The fanfic in
    question is a CG animation thing, produced I think by
    a guy named Trent Troop.)

    Besides being completely devoid of any ideas, this
    comic is not just "stuff what happens", it is "stuff
    what happens in the stupidest possible way and for no
    reason." One such gem occurs in a contrived first
    meeting between Tigatron and Airrazor. I am assuming
    these to characters were shoe-horn-swoggled because
    the voice actors were at the convention. I would not
    have minded the characters appearing. But, the
    context was idiotic. (I actually dislike my Tigatron
    and Airrazor toys now, because I associate them with
    this garbage.) Long and short, Tigatron is a cop, and
    is pursuing the Predacons who just stole the disk. He
    attempts to commandeer Airrazors ship, on the basis
    that he *is tracking very dangerous criminals and
    everything could go to hell if he fails*. Airrazor
    says that nobody is piloting her ride (cleverly names
    "Chromia 10") but her. Tigatron then says he will get
    another ship in that case, (hey, no biggie right, he
    is just carrying out super duper important orders from
    the Maximal Council), then Airrazor says she will give
    him a ride............. Boy, it is a good thing that
    they were able to take time out to banter while
    Megatron and co were getting away.

    Later, Tigatron and Airrazor fight the Lazerbeak and
    Buzzsaw exclusives while the Axalon and Darkside
    battle over Cybertron. Then, in a bit of
    techno-jibber worthy of the worst most contrived
    fanfic, the two future Maximals have their sparks
    beamed aboard the Maximal ship at the last minute.
    Just their sparks are beamed aboard, into conveniently
    blank protoforms, because obviously Primal and co
    would have packed plenty of those aboard a ship that
    was departing for a long-term mission, rather than
    supplies or the like.

    It would have been just as easy to show Tigatron and
    Airrazor as random crew members (preferably no knowing
    each other at all) on the ship, rather than contriving
    some gibber-tale about how they just happened to be
    chasing the Predacons too.

    For all of my complaints about IDW's Beast Wars comic,
    it did not try to contrive back-story for the sake of
    playing up characters for the sake of show-casing said
    characters. Wreckers and Universe more or less read
    like a small child's play session. But they avoided
    the kind of idiotic back-story a small child would
    come up with. Dreamwave's WWII comic at least did its
    own thing, rather than try to piggy back on its source

    Grade: F There is no reason for a comic distributed
    primarly through a convention for adult collectors
    should be written at a level that could insult a
    reasonably bright 10 year old.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JediTricks
    Chaddy, you're killing me! I was going to go there yesterday as I had heard that rumor, but had to stay here instead, and saw a sighting at a midwest TRU and hit TRU instead of Fry's, now I'm totally kicking myself!!! Were there lots or just a few?
    There were lots and lots, just outside the checkout area.

    They are magnificent. I haven't been this universally pleased by a line since...I've never been this universally pleased. Even my least favorite, Astrotrain, kicks major ***. I didn't pick up Megatron, because they're more expensive at Fry's, but as awesome as all of these are, maybe I should've. I'm really, very, very happy.

    And as a side note, i didn't realize the spinny things in Starscream's chest are actually his landing gear turned in. Awesome.
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    I got in the mail (and already read) Aspects of Evil, Perchance to Dream, Earthforce, and Way of the Warrior.

    Tycho, I have to take back what I said. Springer is a cool cat, after all.

    We're talking about the only true G1 canon I accept as totally irrefutable, major continuity problems aside. And there are no Minicons in Marvel's comic, nor will there ever be, thank Primus. Though there are a bunch of goofy round alien robots called Mecannibals, who are a lot more fun in the British comic than in the American one.
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    darnit! CD Grimlock is sold out on hasbrotoyshop

    however, Mirage, Bumblebee and Rodimus are available. remember to use Fall25 when you check out for 25% off plus free shipping. sure it says you have to wait until 11/15 to get them but it beats the retail price!
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    I had a fun little lunch trip yesterday, accidentally stumbling upon Classics BB, Hot Rod, Screamer, and Astrotrain at a Boscov's here in Frederick, MD. I was useless for the rest of the day at work.

    There have been reviews out the wazoo on most TF sites, so there's not much to add in that regard. I can say for certain that pictures don't do these things justice. Screamer tends to look "fat" in most online pictures, while in hand, I didn't find that to be the case at all. Same with Astrotrain's shuttle mode, it's far more sleek and aerodynamic looking in person. And Bumblebee tends to look big-ish in pictures, when in fact he's fairly tiny in both modes.

    My favorite of the group is probably BB. I love Screamer, but I think BB surprised me the most, and the design is just so dead on. He's small and cute, but stocky and tough looking all at the same time. Absolutely perfect.

    Only thing I'm worried about with Classics is the timing. I'm afraid Hasbro will lose sight of it when the movie hits next summer. At Botcon, they seemed to hint at getting all the Seekers out in one way or another, which would fill out the Decepticon ranks nicely, but I'm worried about them getting out enough of the original autobots. They'd be foolish not get out a Prowl and repaint it as Bluestreak and Smokescreen. I'd even settle for Sideswipe and Sunstreaker being straight repaints of each other.

    What's the final word on continuing with Classics? Will Hasbro have it run along side the movie line if it's successful? If a movie sequel happens, will they keep the movie line going between films (ala SW)?

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    They said at Comic Con that they ONLY planned on running movie products building up to the release and following it. I am very worried about my Alternators, as I want Rumble and Ravage before this goes down, and I'd appreciate it if Alternators or MPE's got a tank edition Megatron, some kind of Soundwave, and if the MPE Starscream could get Skywarp and Thundercracker repaints, if not resculpts (totally, or partially). Because I plan on using Alternators in place of what I expect will be crappier movie figures, I want:

    A-Nemesis Prime re-issued with a new head, as Ironhide
    A- Ratchet - close to the movie version, less Bionicle
    A - BumbleBee - very possible given the Chevy license for Corvette
    A - Barricade - repaint Wheeljack / Grimlock and deco as a cop car

    There are only a handful of other T's:

    Frenzy will require a unique figure. I may buy one, may not.
    Megatron will give me pause if it is that aborted Predator they have been showing.
    I paid a heck of a lot (still don't know how much) for Starscream from Japan (MPE)
    Bonecrusher will be "wait and see" - I need an Alternator scale version
    Brawl - ditto - now a MPE might work nice, but I'd prefer this be Megatron
    Blackout - whatever the chopper's name - a MPE is required here!!! That'd be too cool!
    Scorponok - depends on the movie. I may pretend Scorponok never happened.

    I already mentioned Barricade as an A-Wheeljack repaint being perfect.
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    Optimus Prime (gorilla)

    This toy is a recolor of the BWX Optimus Primal. Over-all, I actually like this toy better. The brown color on the fur looks better than one might expect, and the fact this toy is 5 dollars cheaper will likely appeal to collectors who did not want the PVC packed with the BWX toy. The biggest problem is the uninspired character profile on the packaging.
    Grade: B Worth picking up, even if you have the BWX toy.

    Quote Originally Posted by El Chuxter View Post
    I got in the mail (and already read) Aspects of Evil, Perchance to Dream, Earthforce, and Way of the Warrior.

    Tycho, I have to take back what I said. Springer is a cool cat, after all.

    We're talking about the only true G1 canon I accept as totally irrefutable, major continuity problems aside. And there are no Minicons in Marvel's comic, nor will there ever be, thank Primus. Though there are a bunch of goofy round alien robots called Mecannibals, who are a lot more fun in the British comic than in the American one.

    The Marvel stuff has been over-written like pre-Crisis DC, not two ways about it. I liked some of the UK comics (not so much the stuff listed above), but I would not argue that it is inviolate. If nothing else, the continuity is too much a mess, and there are far too many dud issues for me to defend it as perfect.

    And, what is the problem with Minicons? Objectively, we got a fair amount of well engineered toys, and in the context of the comics, we got a new set of well written characters.


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