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    Okay, I know jacksquat about post-G1 stuff, so when I read the stuff about questionable loyalty and his sacrifice, I thought it might be a miscolored version of the G1 character.
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    TF:Classics Bumblebee - Decent, seems a little overscaled in vehicle mode and wave crusher is way too small for the driver of that vehicle, rubsign isn't applied straight (not exactly a big shocker) and doesn't fit in the back. Vehicle is pretty sporty. Coloring could be better, the bold yellow and pearly white plastic fades the sculpted details. Transformation is decent. Bot mode is better than I expected, the shell back and chest do a decent job of hiding the gaps so he looks pretty complete. He's fairly solid too. Head sculpt is tons of character but could use more techy details, and his eyes are cast in light blue translucent plastic but not lightpiped so they look yellow from the paint behind them when you shine a light back there. I wish the thigh armor didn't get in the way of the shin armor though. Wave crusher backpack is decent. All in all, likable despite not being a VW.

    TF:Classics Starscream - Looks great from above, very solid homage to G1, but is actually thicker and blockier from the side and beneath than the original which isn't so good for a jet (looks like CY Thundercracker's alt mode is still the tops). I hate seeing the robot torso on the bottom of the jet, and the empty collar could at least have rotated in or something. Milky silver plastic looks awful up close, details det demolished, especially his face. Transformation is decent, satisfying even. Bot mode is alright but a bit blocky. Pose options are limited unfortunately. Head sculpt is good but face is lost in milky silver plastic. His head can turn enough - maybe 30 degrees either way - even though the nose of the plane hangs off the back. Guns fit in shoulders but posing requires moving the wings, guns also fit in fists. All in all, not quite good enough, but close.

    TF:Classics Rodimus - Great vehicle mode but designed with tolerances too tight to reproduce in regular production, so doors and pipes don't QUITE line up in the tiniest last little bit which is frustrating. Vehicle seems a bit small compared to Cybertron $10 vehicles, same body length & width but shorter. The jet engine in the back is cool and the blue flame missile works way better than on Cybertron Crosswise. You can flip the panel over to use the jet gun in vehicle mode, it looks less silly if you rotate the spoiler halves back. Transformation feels more cheaty than it actually is; love the widening chest thing; don't forget to slide the waist forward (I do nearly every time). Bot is decent, again seems a little small for a $10 but is the right height, he's just built to a little finer level, less chunky and more refined - uses a smaller-than-normal peg size for the fists which aren't as big as most. There's sculpted detail everywhere, even places that are hidden in both modes, looks great. Poseability is ok but could be better, the ball-jointed shoulders don't make up for true universal-jointed shoulders in part because the ball-joints are limited in an odd way. The elbows are just hinges, but the hips and knees are universal joints at least. The detail is pretty smooth, it's a great look and the paint does its job well. The head is a little too mature for Hot Rod, but he's not a geezer either, it looks good; the dark blue light-piped eyes are a bit hard to get going, but with the right light look tremendous. All in all, Rodimus is pretty darn nifty with clever transformation ideas and great design.

    TF:Classics Optimus Prime - This is clearly a toy sized at the old $15 pricepoint, but be that as it may, Prime rocks hard for what he is, and paint is good all around (although the yellow on his forearms doesn't quite do it for me). Vehicle mode is a fantastic cab-over update, looks very modern without being a conventional semi a la Laser Prime. Classics Prime's truck mode looks pretty good with the vane on and if you rotate his head around (they pack him with his head face-up) he looks even more Prime without the vane or pipes. Speaking of, the pipes aren't that great as pipes but they're alright with the vane balancing the height. The vane can be transformed into rifle mode and attached to the top of the truck, but the pipes gun can't be used here. Transformation is pretty nice and satisfying if a tad kibbly. Bot mode is slick with a lean, heroic build and plenty of sculpted detail. The boots are a bit bulky and long, The only kibble is the front wheels & bumper hanging off the back and the fenders & doors of the truck as shell pieces on the forearms. Prime's head is good, but I don't get why his faceplate is in 2 pieces, and his lightpiping is dark like Rodimus'. Articulation is very good, lacking only rotating wrists, rotating mid-thighs, and up & down motion on the neck. Vane weapon is alright, nothing spectacular and I would have liked to see the sight painted in, it's more of a long-range rifle than a primary weapon. The pipes weapon has a nifty tranformation and its hinge is pinned to one side but uses bumps for the other, so I believe it's designed to be separated as 2 guns - the peg halves fit in his fists nicely, but the pistol halves are hollow on the inside; combined, the gun is badass. I wish the forearm kibble was removable and could combine to make a shield. All in all, he's got a lot going for him and I like him quite a bit, he has a lot of character in both modes really, but he is small at $20 so take that into consideration.
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    Classics are at WM now!

    I scored Optimus Prime, Hot Rod Rodimus, Bumblebee, Megatron, Starscream, and Astrotrain about an hour ago.

    They had a carpload of DVD Prime, too. You were right, JT. That voice sucks!
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    Which WM did you find them at? Were they $10 and $20 respectively, or more?

    Yeah, that Prime deserves to rot, but likely won't because of how many folks want the figure.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    "In Brooklyn, a castle, is where dwell I"
    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.

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    Beaumont, CA -- about halfway between San Bernardino and Palm Springs. I tend to find things a bit earlier than y'all in LA Proper, but I haven't heard any reports of these at WM anywhere yet.

    Yeah, $10, $20, and $70 for DVD Prime.
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    I found them at a TRU earlier today, and picked up Starscream because he was the most appealing to me. I plan on getting the others here and there, with Astrotrain or Optimus being my next pick. Ive been to a Target and Walmart here in Omaha today also, but neither of them had the Classics.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JediTricks View Post
    Which WM did you find them at? Were they $10 and $20 respectively, or more?

    Yeah, that Prime deserves to rot, but likely won't because of how many folks want the figure.
    hey, i want it! i even ordered it off of hasbrotoyshop. it's not worth $70 but with 25% off and free shipping, it's not bad.

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    I cracked open Starscream, Prime, and Bumbles so far.

    By Primus, if the recent figures in other lines have been this nice, I can see how so many of you have been willing to overlook such blasphemies as MiniCons and Prime being a monkey.

    Seriously, these are some damned nice figures. With Starscream, especially, I couldn't help but think back to the original, and what an utter pice of carp it seems like in comparison.

    Tycho, you'll want these. Trust me. Give in and pick up just one, and you'll be hooked.

    Edit: I just checked for the status on the out-of-stock TF's. All of the Classics have been cleared off the site (including Mirage!), except for Grimlock. Still out of stock, sadly. I may break down and get the three in-stock 6" Titaniums at $12 each, and grab the Jetfire that's been sitting on the shelf at Target for the past week or so. It doesn't appear either Grimlock is going to be available anytime soon.
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    It tempts me Chuxter. It tempts me. When I see them in the stores it might cripple my resolve, but I can't wait until my Tarkara Starscream comes. The order said it was "in stock," but they haven't charged me for him yet, nor sent it obviously.
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    One of the guys on BWTF's forums got his MP Starscream already and says there's no die-cast and he's way smaller than MP Prime and his gray base color has a green tint to it. That's pretty weak.

    Chux, if you think that Starscream is the bee's knees... well, what criteria are you judging by? There's a lot of more awesome figures than that in the last 4 years, Screamer's ok but is outpaced by a lot of entries.

    BTW, I don't "overlook" Minicons and Optimus Primal, I APPRECIATE them for what they are, I like them, and it's all made possible because I'm not a stuck-in-the-past fanboy who can't accept change. Dave van Domelen has a good essay on this, check it out here:
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    "In Brooklyn, a castle, is where dwell I"
    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.


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