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    Do the Robot Heroes also have a 6/2 street date?

    It looks like that's about all I'll be getting for the rest of the year, aside from the Prime, Megs, and Grimlock War Within Titaniums.
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    Here's a video of the New Optimus Prime (Leader Class) in action! Incidentally, it also illustrates why non-toy collectors think that we're psychopaths to be into this stuff. Pretty funny actually. (Prime takes on R2D2 in part of this video).
    (link removed for swearing in video -JT)


    TARGET's RESET IS COMPLETE AT MY STORE. Transformers are going on the outermost isle. In the center is Star Wars, next to that, Marvel Legends, at the end is Spider-Man 3. Hasbro has a wall of wealth going there. The Transformers were not yet stocked (other than the Protoforms).

    I did get Transformers "Stackers" in the food section. I got Optimus Prime's crackers, Turkey, and American Cheese. BumbleBee comes with cheddar. I didn't intend to purchase this, but it was Optimus Prime's cheese, alright?
    Anyway, with a product like "Stackers," don't you think Ultra Magnus would be the best Autobot to represent? (and Devastator for a Decepticon?) But neither of those two are in the new movie - hence my Optimus Prime all-American cheese. I think it comes with a happy meal type of Transformers toy too, but I just bought it because Optimus Prime was on the package and I was going to get some cheese anyway.
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    The guy in the video kinda scared me!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adam View Post
    The guy in the video kinda scared me!
    I couldn't keep watching. I felt too much shame.
    All Hail Darth Schmitsky!

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    Quote Originally Posted by seanmcfripp View Post
    Ok, I guess Adam is trying to make me feel bad here. Maybe someone can clear up this whole street date thing for me once and for all. What exactly are the consequences of "breaking" a street date, specifically in the toy industry? Are people really getting fired over this? Is Hasbro really in a position to penalize or sanction a retailer for selling something early?
    When a retailer is proven to have broken a street date that they're contractually bound to abide by, the contract has provisions to punish the retailer for their failure - generally it's a monetary fine. In April '99, I accidentally got Kmart in trouble with LEGO when I bought a TPM LEGO set there that had a paint defect that I asked LEGO to replace, the operator mentioned to me that Kmart shouldn't have done that and had to be reported - but they sent me my replacement parts promptly (mispainted heads).

    Oh, and JT, a question about movie Prime: Does the arm cannon "flip-out" design seem to work as intended? Let me clarify: you have two basic positions you want the cannon to be in, one being the retracted, unarmed position, and the other being the extended, armed position. Between the two, in theory, you have 180 degrees of movement, right? Well from what I've noticed in pictures on some of the other reviewers' sites, the cannon never quite makes it all the way in either position. For the retracted position, the cannon should be parallel and flush against the forearm, but I'm not seeing that in most pictures. Looks like it even happens on yours too:

    Instead of going the full 180, it stops just short at like 177.

    I know with sprocket and gear designs like this that they have to be installed a certain way for them to work properly. There are basically two ways to orient a sprocket while it's being installed: tooth (male) exactly due north, or a groove (female) exactly due north. Just that little change in orientation is enough to throw off the whole system (all you engineers, mathematicians, or to a lesser degree, anyone who's ever worked with LEGO Technic stuff knows what I'm talking about). Whenever I encounter toys with simple gear and sprocket designs like this, one is likely to be muffed up every now and again. Seems like it also happens with ratchet joints on TFs more than I care to see.
    I think the gears are properly lined up and if you slide it through its positions it will stop where you want it, but in the retracted position there's a small amount of play which lets the gun sag slightly in retracted position (if the arm is level or higher, the gun obviously won't sag though). The thing is a little unusual in the gearing, there's the rack gear that's the slider and the regular wheel gear under the gun, but between the wheel gear and the gun is a slip-plate that locks into the wheel gear in only 1 position, so you can't manually ratchet the gear.

    Now in the extended "armed" position, as far as I can tell everything looks ok on yours:

    The cannon and forearm make a nice clean line.
    Yeah, it goes over the hand cleanly and I really appreciate that part working. Most of the other sites try to pose the hand and I suspect it causes the gun to stop a few degrees early - there actually IS enough room to pose the hand a little, but it's real easy to go past that and make it stick out.

    Anyway, if movie Prime is messed up, I'd like to be able to fix it. JT, do you see any way to easily remove the lower forearm panel to get to the gear assembly? It's a simple recalibration on most toys, the problem is getting to the gears without destroying the toy.
    This is actually a separate panel, it's held together by 2 screws and maybe 1 stubby metal pin, but I think all you'll need to do is remove the screw which is acting as an axle for the round gear, slide out the gear and replace it with a new alignment in relation to the rack gear by 1 tooth. I dunno if that'll come up short when deployed though.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tycho View Post
    Here's a video of the New Optimus Prime (Leader Class) in action! Incidentally, it also illustrates why non-toy collectors think that we're psychopaths to be into this stuff. Pretty funny actually. (Prime takes on R2D2 in part of this video).
    Darn it, his automorph is slower than mine, I want mine to be slower like that! Oh well, no big loss I guess.

    He sure blew it by not reading the instructions, took forever and he mangled the vehicle mode.

    I had to pull the link 'cause he swore.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JediTricks View Post
    I had to pull the link 'cause he swore.
    JediTricks fellow:

    My name is Don Imus. Is it always necessary to pull the links many of our fellow forumites will enjoy because there are "words" (in that case twice I think - repetition of a word in the 1986 PG-13 cartoon movie as a matter of fact)? What's the protocal for that (as far as the site is concerned)?

    Shouldn't exceptions be made for something as innoculous (is that the right word) as those two usages of that word in a video of this nature (a guy transforming a toy)?

    Is there a way to rip the video and "bleep" the two offending words for reposting of it? Is that hard to do? An infringement of the "copyright" of the original video's publisher?
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    Today's been a fun Transformers day for me. A local department store in my neck of the woods called "Boscov's" put out a bunch of TF movie stuff, so I picked up Jazz and Barricade. Of course when I get back to work, the new trailer is online, and I'm having a blast watching it over and over again. What a 180 I've done with Starscream. I was right there in the beginning with hating the monkey design, but the more I see him in action, the more I'm understanding the choice of a simian-like design. He does some crazy stuff in the trailer. I'm even liking his toy, the more I see of it. Anyway, here's a quick review of Jazz and Barricade:

    My initial impression of the toy from online pictures was that Jazz was going to be too bulky. After seeing him in person though and actually getting him transformed properly (something most sites have totally muffed in their galleries), I don't think he's bulky at all, and in fact I find him to be one of the cooler Deluxes I've acquired in quite some time. There are disks on the outside of his ankles that are meant to simulate wheels, keeping in line with the actual movie design, but the instructions don't indicate that they have to be rotated in such a way that they touch the ground. There's even a little tab on the disk the fits into little notches on the outside of his foot when it's rotated around properly. If this little part of the transformation isn't done, the mid part of his lower leg looks too "fat."

    The automorph feature works nicely, where you push the roof portion of the car into his back, his head then pops up and his chest/grille pops into place. I also love the light piping effect for his visor. Funny thing how light piping on TF toys either works great or it totally sucks. Anyway, he's got a nifty gun/sword combo, and the trunk can pop off his back to make a shield for his shoulder. For anyone that's worried, the trunk looks good either way, not overly obtrusive on his back, and actually pretty functional as a shield on his shoulder. Some of the promo still photos show that he has a mini gattling gun in the film, so I would liked to have seen that on the toy somewhere, but since Hasbro strayed from the design of the sword from the film and went with a gun/sword hybrid, I'm ok with we got instead.

    I do have to gripe about the arms though. The forearms are lame as all get out. You get two panels that kind of flop around and don't come together in any meaningful way. Very lazy design.

    The car looks great, and while the deco may appear plain at first, closer inspection reveals a few nice little paint apps to bring out the detail. I particularly like the thin silver paint app around the edge of the rims to break up the black between the tire and the rest of the wheel. The Solstice seems a bit big and bit wide when compared to Barricade's Mustang, but they're close enough in scale to where it's not all that big of a deal.

    Overall, he's a great toy. Nicely articulated, very sturdy, and fun to play with. And he surprisingly looks a lot like the Jazz we've all known and loved over the last 20 years. Definitely not the worst $10 you'll ever spend.

    Like Jazz, my initial impressions were not so great after seeing online pictures of the Decepticons' Hunter/Scout. And again, most folks taking the photos are muffing up the transformation. The thing people don't or can't seem to realize is that Barricade is designed just like the other movie Decepticons, in that he's meant to look and move like an alien monster. All of the film's baddies have an animal-like look and feel to them, and Barricade is no different. With that in mind, the end result of the toy design is fantastic. A lot of folks are griping that the knee design is bad and he can't stand up straight. Uh no, he's got weird alien legs that make him all crouchy and pouncy (very appropriate for a quick strike character like Barricade), and the toy follows the movie's design very well. Once you understand that he's not really supposed to be able to stand up straight and that the articulation in the legs is doing what it's supposed to do, you can pose him like crazy. And don't forget to flip up the little pieces on his toes.

    Another gripe I hear is that his arms are too long. Again, I think folks aren't really looking at the character as he appears in the film. He's definitely got long arms, and really long fingers that sprout out from behind two car wheels. The toy reflects this nicely. Sure, there's a bit more bumper from the back end of the car that ends up just under his hands in robot mode, but if you separate the thumb and fingers (again, something most online pictures screw up), he looks very close to his movie counterpart. No one seems to be doing anything with the wheels on his shoulders either for some reason. The shoulder wheels are on a ball joint and can moved into several interesting positions. I like rotating the wheels inward, then bending them out a few degrees to get a nice angular look. The spring loaded punching feature on the left arm is nice little bonus, and otherwise totally unobtrusive.

    Yet another gripe I hear: The chest is too wide. Not so. After you spit the hood apart as far as it will go, then the head pops up, then you can then slide the hood almost all the way back together. There's a support piece behind his head that fits over the hood nicely and keeps everything in place. Oh, and for some of you who've asked, yes, Frenzy can be kept in his chest in robot mode. Frenzy, BTW, is a nice sturdy little figure and makes a cool little weapon. I can just imagine Barricade cornering some poor Autobot, then spitting this nasty little thing out of his chest to do some damage.

    And don't let me forget his car mode. Ahhh, the Mustang. What a sweet, totally impractical car. The first time I saw one of those leaked, on-set pictures of the 'stang, I immediately thought of Mad Max's black-on-black Falcon Interceptor from the first Mad Max movie. The latest generation Mustang has many of the same lines as those fabulous old first generation Mustangs/Torinos/Falcons. The black on black paint job for Barricade seals the deal for me. I get all goosebumpy at the thought of Michael Bay shooting this car like George Miller did way back when for the original Mad Max. I can't wait to see this thing tearing down the road, the movie theater's speakers overloading with sounds of rumbling V-8s. Meanwhile, the toy is about as detailed and accurate as you can expect from a TF at the Deluxe pricepoint. When he's parked on my desk, something just drives me pick him up and start zooming him around.

    All in all, Barricade is awesome. I wish he had a ranged weapon of some kind, but I guess that really would fit his role as a scout/hunter. I'd be happier maybe if Hasbro tried to work in that spinny claw thing he's supposed to do in the film, but the spring-loaded punching gimmick is a nice substitute. With his eyes glowing red (again, really good light piping), he looks really nifty standing on my desk. I can almost hear Keith David's voice growling at me, "Where is the Allspark?!" A very, very cool toy.

    So, my first two movie toys, and I'm stoked. I can't wait for the rest.

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    Thanks for the great reviews sean. I am looking forward to getting some of these toys once they hit here also. I passed on the preview ones..they just didn't appeal to me at all, but when the regular line hits I am definately going to get some of those.
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    I picked up Jazz, Bumblee, Barricade and Wreckage after work today. They are ok, not great but not bad either.

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    Hasbro has a series of non-transforming movie based action figures on the way. I was mildly interested at first, but now it appears these figures are pretty much Revoltechs and now I'm very interested in them


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