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    Quote Originally Posted by Adam View Post
    I was mildly interested at first, but now it appears these figures are pretty much Revoltechs and now I'm very interested in them
    Hmmm, be cool if we could see the back of the card, to see if they're really Revoltech, or just a Hasbro version. If they're the "real deal" I'm all for 'em... if they're a knock-off of the idea, I'll pass.

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    Quote Originally Posted by plasticfetish View Post
    If they're the "real deal" I'm all for 'em... if they're a knock-off of the idea, I'll pass.
    I agree..I like the look of these, and would definately buy them if they are Revoltech.
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    check out the grin on Robot Heroes Megs (sorry if this pic has been posted before)

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    Awwwww, he's just the cutest widdle intergalactic despot, idn't he?
    That's my jacket!

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    Picked up 3 more at Target, they had Scorponok too but I just can't bring myself to do it. I also ordered Brawl & Barricade from HasbroToyShop with the 25% off and free shipping coupon code: FNFSPR7

    Anyway, my thoughts on the 3 in-hand:

    Transformers Movie Bumblebee
    - interesting ideas that really can't fully deliver as a deluxe, car mode is nice but too many seams, pointless automorph, opaque instead of trans is a sucktastic choice, robot mode has some interesting stuff but is kinda ugly overall.

    Transformers Movie Jazz - not to scale with Bumblebee unfortunately, slightly bigger in both modes than it should be. Car mode is nice but no rear window is lame and weapon is not integrated so it snaps onto spoiler. Transform is decent, automorph kinda a wash. Bot mode has nifty lookin' bulky legs but stumpy torso, crappy arms, kinda goofy head; ok articulation. Arms totally doom this thing.

    Transformers Movie Wreckage - decent alt mode, messy undercarriage, snow colors are kinda "meh", transform is simple in theory but has some keen stuff going on, automorph is kinda just "there", bot mode is very slick with cool weapons and a big gun in his chest, but the head is always looking 30 degrees down. Only thing that's movie-like is his hands.
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    Ok we have ourselves a little s**t sandwich this year too. SDCC Exclusives will be available on Hasbrotoyshop. I hope I can score the Alternator Rodimus this time unlike last year.

    Transformers Alternators Ford GT Rodimus
    Transformers Titanium Menasor
    G.I.JOE Destro figures (Pimp Daddy Destro)
    Battlestar Galactica Titanium vehicle 3pack
    Star Wars Obi-Wan & Yoda w/ collector coin
    Star Wars 501st Legion R2-KT
    Stan Lee [COLOR=blue ! important][FONT=arial][COLOR=blue ! important][FONT=arial]Marvel [/FONT][/FONT][FONT=arial][COLOR=blue ! important][FONT=arial]Legends[/FONT][/color][/FONT][/color][/color]
    She-Hulk (presumbly their Legends figure...maybe FF costume?)

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    I have no faith in and doubt I will even try to get Rodimus from them.

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    Rodimus should be called Hot Rod, if it were not for Hasbro screwing up with their hold on copyrighted names.

    Hot Rod is an idiotic character who's interference got Optimus Prime killed in the 1986 movie, and somehow, as Rodimus Prime, with all the wisdom of the Matrix, couldn't figure out how to do anything but hope Optimus came back (which he did) to get Rodimus out of the jam he got the Autobots into.

    "Until all are dumb!" - He even got that quote wrong!

    There's a great video of this called, "The Rude Awakening of Optimus Prime," which I'm sure most of you have seen. I can't link to it because of the dirty language. But Optimus says it best, "You've run this organization into the ground, HOT ROD! Give me back that $#@#!@! Matrix!"

    Anyway, the Ford GT mold was designed to be Mirage and it is one of the best Alternators I own. I don't own any repaints (save for Sunstreaker who is refitted to a large degree) and I will be buying MPE Skywarp. However, I cringe at getting Hot Rod (when I was a kid I thought he was cool, I admit - but even then I didn't like Rodimus Prime).

    I doubt I'd get anything Gen 1.5.

    Ultra Magnus would be really complicated to do right. The MPE repaint of Prime was a load of crap even if Prime is the single best Transformer ever made.

    Springer, needs to be done if they do Gen 1.5 and he needs to be a Triple-Changer. Only a MPE would get the size of the chopper right. But I just don't see it happening. I liked the character, but was he really that popular with others?

    Anyway, if some kind of Gen 1.5 evolves that I actually like, I'll punish myself by buying Hot Rod sometime in 2009 or something.

    UPDATE: TFW2005 has videos of the Ultimate BumbleBee in action.
    1) The Ultimate DumbleBee (not a spelling error) is transforming him.
    2) His car mode making coughing sounds.
    3) His robot mode dancing and playing "Whip It," talking - it's kind of cute actually.

    I'm not really down for buying this. Almost everyone on TFW's forums are saying they'll wait until clearance sales or won't budge on this at all.
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    My local Target got in the Voyager and Leader class stuff last night, so I decided to pick them up and get some people fired. Actually, I was suprised to see the stock guy bring out Ironhide and Starscream, as I seem to remember all the June 2nd intel reports stating that Ratchet and Blackout make up wave 1. He checked all the Voyager cases and said they were all Ironhide and Screamer, so go figure. Anyhoo, quicky thoughts on them:

    Ironhide: I thought this would be one of my favorites, and while he is a very cool figure, I ended up liking Starscream more. The Top Kick mode is awesome, and Ironhide very well may be king of the redneckmobiles when it's all said and done. Lot'sa folks in my neck of the woods are gonna march down to the local Chevy/GMC dealership and wonder why they can't buy one of these things. I can't wait to see someone do up a school bus in an Ironhide deco. His bot mode is pretty slick too, but I'm not too crazy about his feet. They look great, but they're not as sturdy or as poseable as I'd like, thanx to the automorph feature (which works great btw). The floppiness of the hood/doors that make up his shoulder armor is a bit of a let down too. His arm weapons are pretty spiffy though, and the overall look of his bot form is nicely done.

    Starscream: There's really no reason why this thing shouldn't be deemed one of the worst alt modes ever. You basically have a jet-like vehicle with some F-22 details on top, and absolutely nothing that resembles a jet underneath. There are no thrusters or intakes. There are two huge cannon/claw type weapons under the wings, which go completely against the real life Raptor's internal weapons design. You have a big robot head sticking out of the back. This has got to be the most kibbly, least aerodynamic TF plane Hasbro has ever come up with. And yet, I can't stop playing with the stupid thing. I've been swooshing it around all morning. I can't really describe why I like it so much, it's like it just kinda feels good in my hands or something. And as much as my brain tells me how much it sucks, my eyes keep telling me how cool it looks. Go figure. Anyway, his monkey mode is really cool too. Nicely articulated, and very sturdy. Make sure you bump the shoulders up into place. Most TF sites seem to be forgetting that part, making him look extra monkey as a result. The claw/missile hands work surprisingly well. With the missiles plugged in, they actually do a pretty good job of approximating fingers, especially as seen in the movie design. I really thought I was going to hate Starscream, and I really should hate him, but for some reason, he's great.

    Prime: Can't say much more than all the other great reviews out there. A very, very cool toy. BTW, the flip out arm cannon feature works great.

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    My local WM had put out some of the new TF toys Sunday night...they placed the cyber stompin figs and some of the regular deluxe ones...I went back yesterday and they were all gone. Guess someone noticed or tried to buy and then the workers returned them to the stockroom.
    That's ok, I can wait until Saturday.

    I did however pick up the Optimus Prime Classic Voyager figure.
    "You know I love the guy but I swear he writes like freaking Yoda."-Dean Winchester
    R12:2-Be Transformed


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