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    Quote Originally Posted by figrin bran View Post
    Don't worry JT, as soon as I find another BB, consider it yours!
    Keep an eye out for more Jazz repaints for good old Nug please...

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    Quote Originally Posted by CrunchyNug View Post
    Keep an eye out for more Jazz repaints for good old Nug please...
    Crunchy, I posted about a Jazz stash at La Brea Target about a week or two ago and no one responded.

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    I just left an SD Wally's where I found a peg marked with:
    The SKU is 65356920651

    I knew these 08 BB repaints were in the works but has anyone actually seen one on shelves or was I just asleep during the release?

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    The Cliffjumper repaint of BB isn't out yet but apparently from that peg, coming out really soon.

    Apparently, CNN had a report on the Buffalo MPCV and rather than computerized graphics, they used a Deluxe Bonecrusher as a model.

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    One other thing I noticed from the tag; The date of 8/13/07 was posted. Anyone know anything about WalMart speak? Is this when it was posted originally or a reset date or something entirely different?

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    Spotted the trio of Elita One, Air Raid, and Armorhide at Target today.

    Bought Elita, THEN noticed she's an Energon Arcee repaint.

    But I actually SAW them with my own eyes instead of on eBay this time. WOOT!

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    Don't you just love buying "new" figures that turn out to be threepeats? Way to go Hasbro.

    TRU finally had some new TFs for the first time in 3 f'ing months, they had Payload, Longarm, Dead Jazz, Dreadwing, and... not Bumblebee, that's for f'ing sure. No Arcee either, not that I'm really fired up for her, but still.

    Target had wave 2 Robot Replicas, paint on Optimus was awful awful! Frenzy just didn't look like anything.

    I picked up Payload despite the incredibly bad reviews and outright warnings to pass on this one. I like him actually, he's not the best or anything but he's not that bad. There's 3 panels that can be coaxed to pop off - including his head panel - but it doesn't take much effort to NOT screw them up. And of all the camera-heads, his is the best-executed. The giant rod sticking out his back is kinda lame, but there's enough sculpted detail to otherwise make this bot pretty acceptable.
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    Saw two G1 repaint jazz's. Anyone still looking for this?
    All Hail Darth Schmitsky!

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    I saw Replicas Prime as well...might've been tempted had the paint apps been better and then even then, I could always fix it myself but I didn't feel it was worth the effort. I also saw FAB Concept BB. It's a far cry from deluxe concept BB but it'll probably be a hot seller in the weeks to come. I almost bought FAB Blackout but decided that if i want him, I might as well wait for the Voyager version to shop up in stores again.

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    My Masterpiece 06 Skywarp came in the mail while I was traveling this weekend. He's awesome.

    I can't tell if he's made from any better materials than MP03 Starscream (same mold, different face) because he's another Transformer I'm never going to transform. (I just like him because he could transform - if I really wanted him to - which I don't - as I don't want to break him).

    [This is my new thing - buying 2 of the Transformers I really like so that I won't have to transform them. - OK - we all have something we're idiosyncratic about.]

    Anyway, he ships as a black jet (no purple really showing - you can put his colors on with the labels). IF you were to transform him (now why would you go and do a thing like that?) he has purple in the appropriate places for his robot form and you can see some of that on the underside of the fighter jet.

    The jet is sweet with all the right working air flaps and brakes, landing gear, armaments, etc. that a real F-15 would have. I'm not going to put the stickers on Skywarp, as this way he looks like a real stealth fighter. This is Waaaaay different from movie Starscream's shape with a F-22 having oversized robot limbs hanging underneathe it so that it looks terrible. When you look at Skywarp - you can barely tell he'd transform - such a darn perfect airplane shape! (My MP Starscream will stay in robot mode).

    I'm sure they intend to market Thundercracker eventually. I'm not sure I'll plan to get that. We'll see what kind of blue coloring they'll choose.

    Anyway, this Transformer took me "away from Bay" a little bit, and I really like being reminded about what I love in really good Transformers.
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