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    I'm Thinking About Returning WINGBLADE

    At 3:30am this morning, I had a relevation.

    Wingblade is sitting on my nightstand and I haven't yet opened him.

    He's not a G1 character I was a 20 year fan of or anything.

    I bought him because I think Warthog planes are Michael-Bay-Awesome and I'm nostalgic for Powerglide (and always wished he'd had another G1 figure besides a minibot).

    I've been considering writing a letter to Michael Bay asking him to include Powerglide in TF2. If MB want's a very large Autobot, Powerglide would be great since MB doesn't like to do size changes, and a Warthog would turn into a very large robot - plus give the Autobots some airpower.

    Actually, posting on MB's forums might stir the pot, but I don't feel worthy of disrupting genius like that.

    Anyway, back to Wingblade.

    I was studying him in his packaging and the pictures of his "bot" on the back of the box. He doesn't look to transform much at all. His arms fold down and his head is in the nosecone which just slides back. \

    His legs look to be the only thing that really need to be radically moved, and part of that's just the Warthog's engine fans being rotated 90 degrees and then the legs are there and you just fold the tail up.

    I think part of Transformers appeal for me is complex transformations that took creativity to design and engineer. You'd think that because a figure might be bigger, like Wingblade, he'd be engineered better because they'd have more size and mass to work with (G1 Galvatron should have been a lesson to me years ago... )

    But between Wingblade not being a character (I was sort of going to pretend he was Powerglide anyway - Wingblade's colors are better - that being more realistic like a real Warthog) and him having a potentially weak transformation, I might come to the conclusion that I should return him.

    He's unopened and the receipt is right here on my desk and less than 7 days old (I don't even have to decide this immediately - I have at least until May 14 or later by the priviledges granted in the return policy).

    But btw: Wingblade's head / face remind me of G1 Springer. Doesn't he? (The Autobot Springer - the tripple changer - not Jerry the talkshow host).

    So this dilemma has me up at what's now 4:16 in the morning. Should I return Wingblade or keep him?
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    Keep the Wingblade!!!

    I had problems with my Target Allspark Bumblebee w. blue markings as for some reason the hood panels get stuck during transformation and I can't straighten them for fear of breakage. The automorph mechanisms don't seem to work as well as on my regular BB so I guess I'll have to go Tycho style on this one and keep it in bot mode

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    Quote Originally Posted by figrin bran View Post
    Keep the Wingblade!!!
    Why? (No. I'm serious. I'd like to get people's opinions for-and-against keeping him / returning him).
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    Wingblade isn't your style, I don't see a reason to keep him, especially since one of his features is he becomes a weapons system backpack for Cybertron Optimus Prime, whom you don't have. It's not a bad figure, but it's definitely not what you're looking for.
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    I agree with JT, half of his existence is to be an accesory to another figure, which is probably why his transformation isn't very intricate.

    That being said, I do like him and I have two versions of the Cybertron version with very little difference between them. (One is shinier)

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    Update on my on-going saga with Wingblade:

    I took him back to Toys R Us. With my receipt. And I noted they actually have a 90 (ninety) Day return policy with receipt over there.


    I didn't return him and took him home with me again.

    This is after I brought my friend Justin along with me for morale support, in case I'd go through withdrawals, missing Wingblade after I returned him.

    I bought Justin lunch for putting up with me on this.

    Prior to that, I had no less than 2 employees engaged with me at the Customer Service counter in TRU, concerning my return.

    They asked why I was returning him. If it was that I needed the money? (No) I made a half-effort to explain I didn't want toys to overrun my space. (They didn't buy that and said he's a plane, I can hang him and make-believe he's flying.)

    Then I pointed out he wasn't a G1 character. Both agents were fans and agreed with me there.

    I said, "but his head does look like a G1 character, sort of." The guy at customer service must have been a True-Fan because he asked, "Springer?" Yup. That's who he looks like!

    Then I said the transformation was sort of weak. Both employees (the other was a girl who'd apparently played with some - she bought the Alternators she'd explained) agreed with me about his transformation being weak. It is. We studied the back of the box and looking at the actual toy (in his packaging) and we could basically figure out how to transform him.

    The thing is, Powerglide (the actual character coming out for Classics 2) is not sculpted or engineered that much better. His colors are more G1, but "fake" too. I discussed pretending that Wingblade was Powerglide with the employees (while Justin was getting really hungry and probably sorry that he came - he collects like SideShow and Medicom stuff, but wanted some Premium Format Transformers to suit his fancy, but TRU didn't have 'em).

    So the employees said they could print me a new receipt in which they typed in "Powerglide" as the item description if I thought that would help. I said it wasn't necessary and that I could first try smoking some marajuana to see if I could then convince myself that Wingblade was Powerglide. (This would be for medicinal purposes only, as you can tell by my dilemma thus far that I am suffering from a paralyzing psychosis that strikes me when I walk into Toys R Us.)

    So Wingblade, still boxed, is back on my nightstand, with my receipt, and my personal phone book for use in helping me locate the appropriate drug dealer.
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    You sir, are crazy! Funny story though.

    Looks as if I'm getting my Evac repaint.

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    Lot's o news from botcon poring in. Looks like Target is getting an exclusive Springer Repaint from Cybetron Evac in addition to Blades! So I will get them in two flavors, as I am a sucker for that mold.

    Hasbro Animated Pics for 4/26(Swoop,Sentinel Prime, Elite Guard BB, *Ultra Magnus* <- HOT!)


    Here is the panel report.

    Off the top of my head, I was excited by Titaniun WW Prowl/Grimlock seeing release finally at TRU. One interesting comment that I had been hoping for awhile and glad is true is that Universe will be an on going thing and they wish to do more then G1 with it. A BW Cheetor is coming for starters. My hopes for a new Armada Hot Shot have once again arisen! :P TFU Deluxe Hound w/Ravage! One strange thing on tformers is "Optimus vs Megatron ala RID" not sure about that one. Hasbro MP Thundercracker is on the short list. (Takara also CONFIRMED MP GRIMLOCK) A funny comment was Aaron Archer saying he had to get MP Starscream off of ebay because he couldn't find it in the store, so they are very aware of some distribution problems. Probably most important : They are talking about doing TF Q&A with fan sites like they do now with Star Wars and other lines.

    I gotta say, some of the repaints are looking slick. The Mirage and Cybertron Red-Alert redeco's are very nice. Roadblock is kinda ugly, but G1 accurate so points there I guess.

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    I have to admit: THAT is the way you make Ironhide! (Sweet!) and Silverstreak looks great.

    Disclaimer from above: (just in case anyone doesn't know me really well on these boards by now) - I've never used illegal drugs, but like the Harold & Kumar movies, certain substances lend more humor to stories. But it was getting funny when in real life, the employees offered to print me a new receipt with Powerglide's name on it so I could sell myself an illusion.

    Want an even better idea for an Illusion? Get them to alter a 1985 receipt for Seaspray at $3.99 and have it read Omega Supreme.
    BAD Pts Need: R5-C7 lf leg (x2), , R4-P44 right leg BAD Pts Offered For Trade: PM me - I have lots of parts now including BG-J38!. New Kyle Katarn is also available.

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    Either Tycho is making all of that up or your TRU employees are a million times more sophisticated than the LA area ones. JT can vouch for me on that one!

    There's far too much to comment on from that panel...I'd actually want a Sari figure from Animated so it's good that someone asked. Animated Blitzwing is really disappointing and I might end up passing on it - the tank threads shouldn't be visible at all in jet mode. However, Sentinel Prime, Ultra Magnus and Swoop more than make up for Blitzwing.

    I'm not pleased about this Acid Storm seeker repaint. Why not just make him Thundercracker and even give him a different shade of blue than the BotCon exclusive?


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