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    Quote Originally Posted by JediTricks View Post
    I think Silverbolt looks EXCEPTIONALLY bad in both modes.
    I think he looks pretty bland in bot mode, but I'm such a ***** for TFU I doubt I will skip him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JediTricks View Post
    Honestly, there's so much TFA product and pointless repaints that it's hard for me to be excited about Transformers anymore, I don't like the TFA line and it seems to have choked off momentum for TFU, though I do like BlueSilverStreak and Ironhide's bot mode (alt mode is the wrong kind of vehicle and tons of seams). I think Silverbolt looks EXCEPTIONALLY bad in both modes.

    Nice to see those 2 Titaniums are getting more life, they look pretty neat.
    You mean the TFA "momentum" that has been squashed by the Allspark repaints??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adam View Post
    I think he looks pretty bland in bot mode, but I'm such a ***** for TFU I doubt I will skip him.
    Haw haw! His alt mode looks like a bot-folded-into-a-brick is stuck to the bottom of it, very lazy work from the pics we've seen so far. And for them to pump up the Voyager pricepoint to $25 is galling, I can't buy everything hook line and sinker when they do that.

    Quote Originally Posted by figrin bran View Post
    You mean the TFA "momentum" that has been squashed by the Allspark repaints??
    No, the TFA momentum was stifled by a poor release schedule long before Hasbro realized they ran out of the movie line 5 months early. The TFA momentum is basically the fault of the show's release timing, it was totally off for a product rollout. The Allspark repaints are basically the only thing keeping casual collectors into the line at this point, and it's a tenuous connection at best, those awful repaints are all that stands between TF and oblivion right now because even though Hasbro's done this with SW and TF way too many times for the past 4 years or so, once again they've miscalculated the need for product in the end of the forth-quarter, the entire first quarter, AND the middle of the second quarter at the end of the lines and fallen back on shoddy repaints to carry them.
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    This discussion just reminded me of Rock Lords

    You haven't transformed a robot until you've made it square and blocky as a rock!

    This makes perfect sense for the engineers who can't design converting robots to resemble anything they're supposed to reasonably approximate.

    So wha-lah! Rock Lords!

    These things should have transformed into Ozzy Osbourne, Dio, and Van Halen - but whatever.
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    I think I had one of those when I was really little, but only had one so I thought it was a He-Man toy.

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    The following characters have been confirmed for the TFA series so undoubtedly they'll have toys as well :

    Wreck Gar

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    I thought Wreck-Gar had been confirmed long ago... so long ago, in fact, that he's already appeared, right?
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    He was confirmed, he's airing in the next few weeks for the first time, and his toy was previewed at BotCon this weekend during the "no photography" Hasbro panel. He'll get his first public display at Comic-Con.

    Also, I believe Skywarp and Thundercracker were said to NOT appear in the show, but would be made in toy format (which I'm actually okay with - one of the cool things about this show is that everyone has a distinct and interesting character and I would be disappointed if it got so overloaded with them, they started coming off the same *cough*Jazz*cough*)

    EDIT: I stand corrected - this just in:

    Looks like there will be a Thundercracker and Skywarp in Animated. Wootini?
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    What's wrong with Jazz?

    I'm pretty sure Hasbro said Skywarp/Thundercracker would be toys but not in the show. Having art for them doesn't mean they will be in the show since their toys would neex box art.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adam View Post
    What's wrong with Jazz?
    I'm just taking a guess but since Chaddy mentioned Jazz in reference to "characters coming off the same", maybe he meant how Jazz is yet another ninja bot like Prowl?


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