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    Quote Originally Posted by JediTricks View Post
    I found Ironhide at TRU, bought him. Figgy was right, I didn't really get that until I experienced the figure for myself. It's good ideas, poor execution. Mine is bluefaced and has a paint error too, the lower part of a side window is unpainted. Alt mode is very cracky everywhere. It's also too narrow especially on the lower half, and the back end doesn't look like something you'd see on a vehicle like this. The underside is largely empty which causes the whole thing to be a little fragile, easy to cave in. Transformation is very clever, but ends up with some big problems by not thinking through a few things. Bot mode has a lot of backpack, a sunken in neck, hollow lower legs and skinny upper legs, screw holes, and stability issues in the upper body. The articulation is decent tho. The weapon is largely a brick, but the gun at least looks cool. I'd grade it a "C" probably.

    Ha, I knew about Denny O'Neil's involvement, but I hadn't remembered that cover, it's really badass! Prime's much darker looking and he's crushing enemies in his bare hands! Too bad he's not crushing the geezer and child on the left, man, what the hell were they thinking putting the Witwicky boys on the cover?
    Oh man, sucks that you had to pay TRU's 10.99 price to find all of that out. Even paying $7.77 myself, I was still disappointed. A "C" seems rather generous in my opinion.

    I picked up the Animated Grimlock and Megatron activators over the weekend.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adam View Post
    This picture includes MP Grimlock next to G1 Grimlock, which is the best picture scale wise so far. It's a little small, but big enough to compare the two.

    I don't yet know if I'm going to buy the Masterpiece Grimlock.

    The difference here is that once I decided I wanted Optimus Prime, I went for it and had no questions about whether I'd buy Starscream or Skywarp.

    (Ultra Magnus was "not in this lifetime!")

    With Megatron I waited to see the product in person at my comic book store. Then I had to buy him!

    You know, I might take that approach with Grimlock.

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    I found the Target exclusive Autobot Ambush set for 29.99 !!
    It comes with Roadbuster, Dirge and a comic book . I like this set better than the way too expensive 25th Optimus Prime (which they also had.)

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    I picked up Animated Stealth Lockdown at my Target tonite. Really nice for a repaint, and almost seems sturdier than the original. Rescue Ratchet on the other hand is pretty ugly.

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    I actually thought Rescue Ratchet looked better than Stealth Lockdown but as much as I like the animated line, I'd rather get a second Universe Ironhide than either of those repaints. And mind you, TFU Ironhide gets no better than a C- from me.

    I've been thinking of getting Tread Bolt but didn't want to pay TRU's price and haven't seen one since.

    With all of those Animated Megs/Optimus 2 packs stacked up high at every Target, you'd think they'd be a Black Friday schedule but it's not on the ad at all. I've been meaning to get one of those as well and was hoping for a sale.

    Lastly, I hope all of the ROTF toys are like that Soundwave because they'll be easy passes for me!

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    Quote Originally Posted by figrin bran View Post
    I'd rather get a second Universe Ironhide than either of those repaints.

    Well then you may be getting your "wish" as BBTS has put up preorders for TFU Deluxe wave 6. This includes Ratchet! HOORAY! (This wave also has Hot Shot, Dinobot, and Smokescreen.)

    I too saw the new TFU comic packs. There are aspects of both that I like, but I can't justify spending money on them right now.

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    There have been some unpainted prototype photos of Ratchet on some of the different sites. I don't have a link at the moment, but he does have a better looking head than Ironhide.

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    TFW2005 posted some comparison pictures of MP Grimlock next to MP Prime.

    Unfortunately, in robot mode, Grimlock is a head shorter than Prime. WTF?!

    This is one of those moments when the ball was dropped.

    Dinosaur mode does suggest that Grimlock is bigger in this form, but I'm nevertheless disappointed.

    Did any of you have the Shogun Warriors action figures when you were kids? They were huge - like 26" figures or something: Mazinga shot 5 missiles from his hand and had a lazer sword. However, Godzilla was one of the Shogun Warriors. A lever on his neck made him flick out a tongue with fire painted on it, and his right paw would shoot off like a missile for "extra Godzilla punch-power." Other than that, Godzilla was big, green and poseable.

    I had hopes that Grimlock could be about this big himself. It's a Masterpiece, so "so what" if we have to pay $200 for it to be the right size. Medicom sells Star Wars 11" figures for almost that much ($150). And a Transformer that actually does something isn't worth more? c'mon!

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    I had some Shogun Warrior toys as a kid but they were smaller versions.

    Anyone get Springer + Ratbat from Target yet? I've been eyeing that set a few times over the past few days but wanted to know what other TF collectors thought of them.

    I did pick up the WM Animated 2 Optimus/Blackarachnia 2 pack. I've been wanting that Prime and hoping that since Target had tons of the Optimus/Megs 2 pack at every store that it would be a Black Friday special. The grapple hook on my first BA broke anyhow so I could use another one. Plus my Voyager Prime could use the deluxe Prime's axe. Also I noticed that the Animated Voyager Primes now have the Autobot insignia on the shoulders whereas the older ones did not.

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    I saw both the Target exclusive sets, thought they looked like arse, and saved $60.
    That's my jacket!


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