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    I read Robots in Disguise Vol. 5 on Friday.

    Hard as it is to believe, both ongoing TF titles just keep getting better and better. If they continue at this rate, both will make Watchmen look like Youngblood by issue #50.

    I've got a question I'd like some input on from anyone else reading regarding Soundwave.

    So, chronologically, the first time we ever see Soundwave, he's on the streets, discovered by Ravage, Buzzsaw, and Laserbeak. He's being bombarded by information that he can't sort out--clearly he's what's been called an outlier in previous issues. The poor guy doesn't even know his name or where he came from.

    With Ravage's help, he manages to control his abilities, and finds his way into Ratbat's employ, then into the Decepticons. He first meets Shockwave in person about the time that Shockwave joins the Decepticons and is tasked with building a combiner. And hates him immediately, blaming this on his inability to sense his thoughts. Shockwave seems a bit surprised to meet a guy whose name also ends in "wave."

    Obviously, this isn't the question. However, we see that Shockwave, post-empurata, is experimenting on basically as many homeless Cybertronians as possible. We already know he had an interest in outliers prior to even his first meeting with Orion Pax. And the "shadowplay" procedure might have made him nastier, but he was already a scheming SOB prior to it.

    So what I'm asking, was Soundwave a result of an earlier experiment by Shockwave, either on a lower-class outlier or as an attempt to artificially create an outlier? I'm really wondering if Soundwave had had a previous life, likely under a different name, until Shockwave kidnapped him, did something to him to create or augment his powers, and he somehow wound up on the street (possibly being dumped as a failure, since pre-empurata Shockwave probably wouldn't have been into the whole "corpses hanging from the ceiling" shtick). Think about it. After the flashback to his meeting with Ravage, the future cassettes try to help him figure out his name, and the only thing he can think of is part of the name of the guy responsible for his plight, and they all just figure it was his own name and the first part must've been "sound" because of his powers. Also, there's got to be a reason, story-wise, that he's originally shown with a mouth, but is wearing a mask by the time of his first encounter with Shockwave; that minor change to his face could be enough to keep Shockwave from identifying him. So Soundwave's hatred could be a result of a buried memory of what happened to him at Shockwave's hands, not because of his inability to read Shockwave's mind.
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    Possibly, but I think that issue delves as far as any IDW story has in regards to Soundwaves back story.

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    Chux, Adam: I don't read the TF comics but this sounds awesome!

    You are helping to convert me!
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    Rhinos arrived from HTS yesterday and I found Skids and Waspinator at Target today.

    Also I finally read Vol 4 and 5 of MTMTE - and to think I thought vol 1 was too slow moving. It definitely picks up the pace.

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    New toy lists for TF: AoE confirms the Dinobots and Galvatron.

    There is speculation that Galvatron will be the dark tractor trailer truck seen in the ongoing production shots, or...

    that the Stunticons are in this and the truck is MotorMaster, because there are a handful of Decepticon cars that are now very likely the Stunticons.

    It looks like many of these characters will have been re-named.

    Also, the Arialbot Slingshot might be a green Autobot Corvette now, unless Sideswipe changes colors.

    BumbleBee might very well appear as both the yellow and black Camaro and then switch to a black and yellow Charger.

    Grimlock seems to be remaining a carnivorous dinosaur but looks more like a velociraptor than a T-Rex. Perhaps Galvatron is going to debut as a T-Rex, commanding the Stunticons?

    Smokescreen appears to be a pace-car rather than a race-car, and like they're using some kind of Prius or otherwise more "civilian" car for him rather than a sports car. He will still have his definitive racing markings.

    I believe the Wreckers are going to be coming back.

    (source: TFW2005 news / YouTube TF blogger with photos of the WalMart store ordering manifests)

    Looks like all the Dinobots might be appearing, Grimlock smaller than a dinosaur version of Galvatron (as the T-Rex, kind of like Megatron's T-Rex form for Beast Warriors I think). That's why Grimlock might be a large velociraptor - so Galvatron is a credible threat.

    Hot Rod might be appearing afterall - one of the red sports cars. Big Spoiler NOT involving Rodimus Prime: (hightlight to read): Mirage aka Dino will die and there's a photo of Prime finding him ripped in half in car form - as perhaps Michael Bay couldn't resist destroying a Ferrari, but this eliminates there being 2 red Autobot sports cars, though Decepticon Dead End might also be one, though a Stunticon of course

    I don't know how big of role BumbleBee will play, as they wanted to move on to different characters (to some degree - Ratchet is returning) but Bee will have the new Dodge Charger form at some point, midway or to the end of the movie.

    But Optimus Prime is definitely the star (next to Mark Walberg of course...sigh).*

    * I agree that the first live action film should have starred the humans (Shai, Megan Fox, Turturro, etc.) because we need to witness the Cybertronian invasion through human eyes. Dark of the Moon is my favorite TF movie to date, because that movie finally and really focused on the Cybertronians more than any of the other Michael Bay movies. Age of Extinction could do this as well.

    Looks to be that we'll get Human Alliance back again - most likely Drift - forgot if this is the Bugatti or another 'Vette, but I think the car is blue and gray tones. It will come with a Mark Walberg action figure so you can make your Autobots rock out to New Kids on the Block like I know you all want to (especially El Chuxter). Though Linkin' Park is likely doing the next movie soundtrack title song again, I hope (for you hard core collector guys) that they will rerelease MP Soundwave so it plays NKotB tunes. Yeah. We can't live without that.

    As to Grimlock, if he's still in G1 character as written, it might be interesting if he's NOT the biggest Dinobot on the block (and Galvatron is).

    Grimlock has something to motivate him then - and Optimus has something to coerce him to fight for the Autobots with. "We'll back you up. Yeah. Sure. Just as soon as we can figure out how to defeat Menasor."

    With Hound in this movie, though I loved him as a Jeep Wrangler, that completes my wishlist for G1 Autobots that hadn't appeared: Wheeljack, Hound, and Mirage.

    Although Wheeljack's appearance (as Q) was weak in DotM - and though it's my favorite Bay-verse TF movie, they really wasted his character unless there are deleted scenes where Wheeljack did more (???)

    If Hot Rod is joining the cast, we should see Kup and Blurr, too.* Rumor is Hound is going to fulfill the combined "Ironhide / big guy" role that the new guy on TF Prime who Hound is now modeled after looks like.

    *We're not going to see Kup and Blurr and I guess Arcee is dead in triplicate.

    No Springer or Ultra Magnus as far as I can tell.

    On the Decepticon side, where is Skywarp, Thundercracker*, Thrust, Dirge, Ramjet, or Cyclonus and Scourge?

    There is a character called Thunderlips. It's a misnomer to protect the toy's real identity from spoiler leaks. Could this be Thundercracker?

    I'm not sure the Constructicons were killed in totality in RotF. Devastator was hit by the rail gun which disrupts electromagnetic locks. So he'd disassemble. But does that mean Scrapper et. all were killed or did they retreat when The Fallen fell?

    The humans contributed a lot, but the Decepticons outnumbered the Autobots in the desert war in RotF. Megatron and Starscream lived to retreat from the desert war only to fight in DotM.
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    Grimlock is going to be a wisecracking girl, voiced by Sarah Silverman, who transforms into a scooter. She doesn't have guns, but distracts the Autobots (because the Dinobots are Decepticons in this movie) by driving around them and yelling "Pyew! Pyew! Pyew!"

    Actually, that sounds too cool for the live action TF movies.

    On actual Transformers news with nothing whatsoever to do with the movies by the same name by that guy who should've been happy with his cameo in Mystery Men , I found Dreadwing and Waspinator last night at Target.

    Any idea if Rhinox will appear in Dark Cybertron? No real interest for me in buying any Beast Wars characters who haven't made the jump to IDW's G1 to keep Waspinator and Rattrap company.
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    Quote Originally Posted by El Chuxter View Post
    Grimlock is going to be a wisecracking girl, voiced by Sarah Silverman, who transforms into a scooter. She doesn't have guns, but distracts the Autobots (because the Dinobots are Decepticons in this movie) by driving around them and yelling "Pyew! Pyew! Pyew!"
    Now I'm really looking forward to the movie!
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    I got (and read) Monstrosity yesterday.

    One question: hardcore TF fanboys seem to hate Autocracy/Monstrosity, as well as Syndromica (and the other Orion/Wheelie stories from RiD), and Heart of Darkness. Why? These are freaking great stories!
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    I'd say that Heart of Darkness is not well regarded as its art is atrocious.

    As for Autocracy/Monstrocity, I thought they were okay, but I am not a fan of the way they color Ramondeli's art. They always seem to go for this dark and dreary palette with his stuff, and it doesn't work for me at all.

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    I have no opinion about most of that, but I couldn't stand Syndromica, it's this boring self-contained storyline with really muddy art, and it's not just the coloring on them, it's the pencils too, especially the faces, they look like they're melting and mildly confused about it. But the story is what I can't stand, Wheelie and Orion just aren't compelling together and they're slow and they're acting like they're going somewhere far more interesting than it turns out to be. It's still running throughout Dark Cybertron, and to be honest the whole of Dark Cybertron is a real toilet-flush so far so it's not like it's any worse.

    Prototype pic of MP Wheeljack is up:
    Looks like it should. Any idea where to get this as cheap and safe as possible?
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