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    Picked up Alt. Sunstreaker and Skids at Walmart Torrance! YAY! (Last ones.)

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    I picked up Skids and Prowl, Sunstreaker was no where to be found.

    BUT they did have one Galvatron so I snagged that up. Also saw, and chuckled at the Star Wars TF's that were there.

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    Watch - they make Yarna Dal Gargon a Transformer when this line is flopping, and she'll turn into a 6-wheeler

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tycho
    Watch - they make Yarna Dal Gargon a Transformer when this line is flopping, and she'll turn into a 6-wheeler
    Hah! I was thinking Jar Jar turning into a Bongo but that works too.

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    I got Cybertron Snarl for Christmas. Ive yet to open him but he looks to be a decent figure. I like his paint scheme, for the most part. Now i feel a urge to go pick up the rest of the animal/beast Transformers that have come out in this line.
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    I found Sunstreaker along with about five of Tracks in the new packaging yesterday. (I suspect maybe the Sunstreaker was there because he looks a lot like Decepticharge in car mode.) I've not opened him yet, but he looks like exactly the same mold as Dead End, only more G1-accurate deco. I would've totally have waited for this instead of getting Dead End had I known he was in the works. Well, no, because Dead End still looks sweet in car mode. I'm just an addict.
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    Been messing around with Alt. Skids and Sunstreaker a bit. I definitely like Skids alot better than i thought I would. The flames look alot better in person than in pics. The car mode is so sweet with all 4 doors opening as well as the trunk and hood. The frosted windows are kind of lame though. Robot mode is very cool and when you finish transforming him you just sit in awe of how that boxy car became this robot. Transformation is pretty complex, but not quite as hard as the Grimlock mold. I find that he stands alot more balance if you fold down his shin guards down to the feet. His gun is super tiny, almost as small as Hound's. Sunstreaker is pretty nice, being just a Dead-end repaint and all. Definitely recommend both figures!

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    Hound's gun is bigger than Skids', if you count only the actual handle and barrel parts.

    Anyway, I got Alt Skids and SW:TF Obi-Wan last night at Target. I'll talk about Obi-Wan in the SW:TF section of the forums though - but I will say to Tycho that I suspect this is your kind of line, it's a small side-line so not a major investment, and an imaginative extension of Star Wars, Obi-Wan really does seem like a Star Wars mech, plus it's a fun toy.

    At first, I really didn't like Skids much, he makes the xB look even more boring, his gun is incredibly small, his bot mode is pretty kibbly with a lot of backpack, the back/chest doesn't lock into 1 position, there's no waist articulation, and from a few bad angles there's gap issues. In alt mode, the grill logo is loose, the frosting on the windows doesn't line up that well, the driver door hinge is too tight to the point where it won't close all the way, and on mine the steering wasn't linked on one side (I corrected this, but it could have just as easily broke while attempting it). Also, what's the point of opening the hood just to reveal that tiny engine cover and bot kibble, or the trunk to reveal the feet? The instructions make the transformation seem far more complicated than it is (it's not entirely fluid, but they make it out to be woefully convoluted), but the transformation is alright if you can forgive the end results (and one of the feet popping off occasionally).

    Bot mode despite not having waist articulation is well-articulated with lots of range of motion, this is ultimately what salvaged my opinion of him, he can take some fairly cool poses without trouble. There is a lot of backpack and it's up behind the head, this is not cool especially when there are extra joints on some of the parts which never get used in transformation or any other time (what are they there for? It's not for assembly, this would make it cost MORE) and the front seats don't fold down all the way and seem intentionally removable (if you leave 'em they're the butt-plate). All in all, I think my initial frustration was not just in how the end result looks, but in how much leftover stuff seems like it still needs to be done and how there's transformation joints that might lead to this but I can't see how - it's like he's not fully baked yet, like he was supposed to have another pass in the drawing board or something.
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    I posted this on TFW. I hope no one minds the repost...

    Found the new Alts, the SW TFs, and the BW 10th anniversary figures today at a St. Louis Target (while on vacation, y'all). It doesn't help you guys much, I'm sure, but I can tell you that the SW TFs are mostly overrated and if you've read the reviews, that's saying a LOT. That said, I'm a SW and TF fan, so I've got them for the novelty. Plus, the Obi-Wan one, which I thought would be my least favorite, is actually my most. And Grievous, which I thought was the neatest looking, is the most frustrating. Vader falls somewhere in between and I think will be typical of the line. Whatever. It'll be the perfect bridge in my fantasy home with the "museum" room when I have to display my Star Wars and TFs together.

    Huge fan of Skids, way bigger than I thought I'd be, and Streaker oozes with so much nostalgia my head hurts.

    The BW TFs are actually really quite impressive. Hasbro went all out. I realize that for most of these they seem like slight recolors, but it's pretty high quality and very extensive. So far, Waspinator is my favorite. He's dynamically colored with great attention to detail is gives the toy the treatment the character deserved. Dinobot looks to be the standout in the next wave. But Rhinox and Cheetor also deserve accolades. They may not have had as dramatic an effect as Waspy did, but the new wash and well-chosen shades make them look like very high-quality toys. Combined with the DVD and Transmutate part, the figures just about seem worth the $15 pricetag. And I've bought the Cheetor mode 3 times already (counting Tigatron) and the Rhinox mold three times already (counting the Japanese and a loose American version). No regrets...except for that second Rhinox. I wish I'd waited.

    Looking forward, my big disappointment is that they're giving us Transmetal Rattrap instead of basic Rattrap and it doesn't look like they did a whole lot to make the new Rattrap worth the purpose. Ideally, I'd have loved to see them do a Rattrap/Terrorsaur 2 pack and give them a show-accurate treatment--but that may have been too much to ask at this price-point. Plus, someone I know mentioned that Hasbro lost that Rattrap mold. I thought they outgrew that? Whatever...

    Are these 6 the only figures celebrating the anniversary? Maybe Hasbro will import the Japanese leaders that have been recolored. They look awesome...
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    Ah, I suspected you already posted info about these when I asked you to in the Just Found LA thread.

    TM Rattrap really is a mistake, did they recolor that thing at all? The only saving grace would be to have the backpack actually rotate around and the wheels removable as shields (that'd just be for cool factor). The original Rattrap figure is pretty awful though, not only was he a basic rather than a deluxe but he was an auto-changer.

    I think Hasbro said they're releasing new versions of BW Primal and Megs with Cyber Keys this year, that may also be 10th anniv pieces.

    I am hoping to track down SW:TF Vader today, but I'm not gonna buy Grievous until I find him on sale or something.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    Kylo Ren - came from Space Brooklyn, although he moved to Space Williamsburg before it was trendy.

    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.


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