Our original Transformers thread has gone missing, apparently eaten by Unicron (or, more precisely, by the wonked up server which our host was SUPPOSED to have gotten us off of by now ) so we'll have to start anew. I personally feel very bad about this both as a staff member and as a forumite, I put a lot of time into posting in that thread and now it's completely disappeared. But anyway, nothing I can do about that now, maybe in the future once we're moved...

So, the TF:Energon line is on sale at Target right now, it wasn't marked at my store but I picked up Scorponok for $19.99 instead of his normal $24.99 (which is $30 at TRU and $27 at WM); they also have basics for $5 instead of $7, deluxes for $8 instead of $10, and megas for $15 instead of $20 - I found it interesting that this is the 2nd significant sale Target's had on the Energon line in 6 months.

Scorponok wasn't a figure I really wanted, but with the recent addition of Landmine, my poor Energon Decepticons were so badly outnumbered and outgunned that the lower priced Scorponok was a vital addition to the enemy ranks. I didn't realize how similar he and Landmine were in size even though they're not really in the same scale, though Scorponok is much heavier. As I was advised on the old thread, Scorp's US colors are less awful in person than in photos, it's still not as nice as the Japanese version, but it isn't so bad. Vehicle mode is ok, I wish the tail were more articulated so the crane was believable, and I don't really know what to do with the "claws", but the sculpting on this figure is undeniable with lots of details everywhere you look. The various clear yellow bits are pretty bland for me, especially those blades that can be moved out like 10 degrees, they should have been cooler as removable blades or blades that went further out or stowed completely or SOMETHING. The electronics are pretty annoying in vehicle and bot modes, mainly that tail noise that goes off all the time and it's funny, both Landmine and Scorponok feel like they need 1 more noise even though I don't like the idea of sounds at all... I guess 1 more noise would help justify the extra cost and addition of bulky electronics.

Transformation is fairly simple but not terrible, there's enough to do to keep one busy even if it's all quite basic. Bot mode needs a mid-elbow rotation badly, the only way he can hold weapons without looking weird is to have his shoulders re-transformed into hoverjet mode. There's a lot to see and do in bot mode, but he's also kinda basic. The tail not stowing nicely, the head being too easy to accidentally de-transform, and him always leaning forward slightly in a normal stance are my chief negative complaints. Hoverjet mode is ok, but more of an afterthought than anything else. All in all, he's not too bad for $20, but I am glad that I didn't pay more as he's not super amazing.

Gah, when is Wave 3 getting here? I'm going through withdrawl already.