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    Re: Transformers: Energon & Beyond

    Quote Originally Posted by Tycho
    I don't collect Transformers, but I used to a long time ago - had all the Generation 1's through Technobots era, that sort of thing.

    I was thinking about picking up the 20th Anniversary Optimus Prime. This looks like an excellent product. What do you think?
    If you had any enjoyment collecting G1 TF's, then 20th/Masterpeice Prime is right up your alley. He's my favorite TF toy.

    In light of there one day being a "live action" Transformers movie (keep hearing rumors that they are making this - is it true?)
    Yes! Some of the producers who worked on the X-Men films are working on it.

    If the figures were super-poseable and actually transformed, I'd also want:

    Hot Rod
    The is a G1 Starscream coming out in a line called "Robotmasters" by Takara. This SS will be teeny compared to Prime though. Jazz will actually be offered in the Alternators line. (Alternators are reimages of G1 characters using current car models.) He won't be called Jazz though, Hasbro lost the copywrights to that name. Instead he will be called Meister, which is part of his Japanese name. It's Jazz though, I know I will call him that. He is a Mazda Rx-8. Any of the others could show up in Alternators as well, and with the movie toys that will inevitably be released.

    Here's the thing though: super-poseable as action figures means that their elbows and wrists turn, their shoulders turn, their knees and ankles are articulated, possibly their waist too.

    The new Optimus looks like he fits that bill. Does he?
    Pretty much. The ankles do move, but not in a side to side motion. There's a downside.. because he is made of diecast, his chest make him top heavy, so you can't really put his articulation to its extremes.

    I've also read issues about Megatron being a gun, so they won't do that anymore since he looks too much like the real deal and Hasbro won't do toy guns of that kind anymore. Is this true?
    Bingo. Although I think its "realistic" toy guns...

    Can they make a Megatron transformer so good that he changes sizes - so that he's on scale to Prime as a robot, but shrinks so much when he changes into a gun that he can fit in Prime's hands - even if he's offscale?
    Well, it isn't really necessary for that last part - Prime comes with a Megatron in gunmode. I'm pretty sure they could make a Megs in scale to Prime, but there's no way they could shrink the gun.. which may solve the whole problem with Megs being a gun anyway. A giant pistol doesn't look real.. right?

    Can Starscream be made so that he's an accurately sized jet next to Prime's truck, but he folds up enough as a robot to really be accurate in size to Prime and Megatron, hold Megatron as a gun, and still be articulate.
    Probably, if you sub Megatron for Prime's Megs in gunmode.

    If I like these super-realistic Transformers, do you have any other recommendations for me of product already released?
    ALTERNATORS! (You're probably not interested in Energon, so I won't even mention it.) Smokescreen, Sideswipe, Silverstreak(Bluestreak) are out, Subaru Impreza, Dodge Viper and Subaru Impreza WRX respectively. Smokescreen and Bluestreak should suit you articulation wise, but Sideswipe doesn't have much in his legs. I still recommend him though. They are about half MP Prime's height,and they make good troops for him.
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