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PF, you've got a good point, Hasbro could just as easily have done these as a $15 or $20 boxed set and they would have been MORE appealing than awful KB single-cards (sorry, but I don't respect the way they marketed these).
The worst thing is that if you go looking and someone has bought one of them, and left the other five, then you're gonna have a hard time completing the set. I just don't know what the point of selling them separately is. The original Japanese version (not the Sixturbo little Takara boxed things) came as a boxed set. It seems like the only decent way to do it.

Adam, are they Japanese "originals" that are going for that much, or those 2002 little boxed ones? Is there another release version that I don't know about?

Tycho, I saw that book on Amazon. It's going for around $17 there ($25 retail.) Looks like something my son would really dig. He reads at a second grade level right now, so I think it'd be fine. BTW, it's "Hooked on Phonics", not "fun with phonics.