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No. That's friggin' crazy with the stickers -- 6:30am sucks! Almost as bad as 11pm or whatever time they put the new Gundam Seed show on. Grrrrr. But, OH YEAH... Scoobie Doo is on all day long, don't wanna mess with that line up.
Gundam Seed - 10:30pm Saturdays... geez, any worse and it'd be on against infomercials for the diaper caddy. Really weird too because G-Gundam eps were on EVERY DAY during Toonami's major timeslot (like 5pm IIRC).

Tycho, the Alternators cars are 1/24th scale and Prime is roughly 1/26th scale, so they're way closer than that TFU repaint of X-Brawn (whom I would estimate is about 1/32nd scale or thereabouts). I just checked, X-Brawn is half as wide in alt mode as Prime, HALF! They have to travel the same streets, ya know. And this discussion is about alt-modes, I can't tell you how much bigger Prime is to X-Brawn.

The only vehicles in TFU like X-Brawn are his Autobot brothers, SideBurn & Prowl, from the RID/Car Robots (TF2000) line. But I strongly disagree with your assessment on the Alternators in comparison to Prime and suggest you get one and decide from there rather than make a foolish snap-judgement that will keep you from getting these awesome figs.

Oh, and X-Brawn is my favorite, but in terms of bot modes, Prowl is superior to the kibbly mess that is SideBurn. They're all worth getting though.

Grapple looks pretty good, makes more sense than Inferno. The head situation still puzzles me, that hat thing seems biiiiiig, but still better. I've put it on my maybe list.

BWTF.com has up carded (front/back) images of Tow Line, Energon Hot Shot, Sharkticon, & Downshift (seriously, how is this figure NOT Wheeljack?!?). I like how Sharkticon is taking up so much of that bubble card, and his hyper power Alt mode looks really awesome. Tow Line's cardback is weird, they took out the tri-lingo text and added a big blue Powerlinking box which shows 2 figures that aren't Tow Line Powerlinking (and might I add that Prowl & Downshift make a HORRID combo) and then show Tow Line p-linking as well... YIKES! The shirt mode ain't too bad if a bit too small, but pants mode, wow. Energon Hot Shot's cardback has the same blue box but only 1 set of p-linking figs; the back also shows how bad the figure looks - it's shocking how cool the car looks and how bad the bot colors look - seems like E-HS is on fire or something. Finally, E-HS's cardback also shows Bulkhead's alt mode wearing the extra junk.