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    Re: Transformers: Energon & Beyond

    Hey guys, new to these boards.

    Anyway, I have Sideswipe and Smokescreen Alternators, and I'm looking forward to purchasing the rest of the series.

    I've yet to purchase the 2oth Anniversary Optimus, and I've seen the price dropping slowly, so I imagine picking one up soon enough.

    Recently, I've seen the new Energon version of MIRAGE and that new SHOCKBLAST on all the websites. I am honestly contemplating both of these figures just for their robot modes.

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    Re: Transformers: Energon & Beyond

    Welcome to the forums aceattorney. How long have you been collecting Transformers and what has been your favorite line so far? Which figure would you consider to be the centerpiece of your collection and why? The Alternators do seem to have been well recieved by the majority of Transformers fans, and even casual collectors. Im also looking forward to some of the upcoming entries. I thought about holding off on the 20th anniversary Prime also, but he seemed to be a quick mover around here so i threw one in layaway and took him out two weeks later. I suggest you pick him up soon, im sure there are other people waiting for his price to creep down too. Enjoy SSG!!!
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    Re: Transformers: Energon & Beyond

    Thanks for the warm welcome, kool-aid. I used to collect transformers when I was a kid (I'm 27 now), and I absolutely loved the original cartoon as well as the movie (I actually watched it in the theaters!).

    I've seen Transformers toys through the years, but I was never really interested in any of them since most of them had wacky color schemes, had limited poseability, and they just looked cheap. I guess it was just my grown up side thinking.

    I really enjoyed watching the Beast Wars cartoon as well as the Beast Machines series, but the toys never really did anything for me.

    The Alternators and Prime Masterpiece are truly fine pieces of engineering...and just cool-looking toys.

    Here's a quick photo I took of em:

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    Re: Transformers: Energon & Beyond

    I agree Ace - the Alternators were what got me back into Transformers.

    It's a light collection (as of now) that doesn't take up a huge amount of space (esp. when you're a SW collector who needs more real estate to house your collection) - and they are ingenious pieces of engineering with the kind of detail you'd only dream of seeing in a Transformer when you were a kid.

    I dont know how many times I'll say it though - but the line needs Decepticons - scale and just as realistically accurate.
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    Re: Transformers: Energon & Beyond

    Well, the problem is that so far, the Alternators have been licensed vehicles. I would imagine that Jeep, Subaru, Chevrolet, etc. licensed their vehicles to Hasbro for marketing purposes.

    I don't see any fighter jet manufacturers finding a need to license any of their jets, and I can't see anyone wanting their car/truck being marketed as an "Evil Decepticon," so the Alternator series may be limited to Autobots, unfortunately.

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    Re: Transformers: Energon & Beyond

    LMAO...not bad

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    Re: Transformers: Energon & Beyond

    Ace, welcome aboard. On Energon Mirage, I saw him a few months back, but bot mode has so much shell junk hanging off of it, and the torso is hollow, so I couldn't drop the $20. I am excited about Shockblast though, he's hitting now. As for holding back on 20th Prime, in my area it's not a good idea as they come and go very quickly, and the only ones that haven't been bought are beat up - I'm not usually a boxed collector, but this one's box is worth getting in good shape.

    I think the biggest thing holding back Alternators Decepticons is simply size, a tank or a jet fighter would be massive compared to a car, bigger than 20th Prime who is twice as big as an Alternators figure and costs 3 times as much.

    BTW, sorry Tycho but I had to pull your last post, you know the rule about political posts, at least you still have that post in the Rancor Pit though.
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    Re: Transformers: Energon & Beyond

    Quote Originally Posted by JediTricks

    I think the biggest thing holding back Alternators Decepticons is simply size, a tank or a jet fighter would be massive compared to a car, bigger than 20th Prime who is twice as big as an Alternators figure and costs 3 times as much.
    Hmm. True. But would you guys like slightly off-scale Decepticon alternators of a Tank (Megatron) and a jet or two?

    They would be big like Prime, but for the Starscream and Megatron characters, that could still work (pulling in a high price-point). I'm not sure about Skywarp.

    I take the size ratio to judge them being "what size would a human who drives these vehicles be?" In that case, Prime and the Alternators are in fine scale to one another.

    Would an F-18 really have to be that great to at least "appear" it could be piloted and functional for a human who could be seated in Sideswipe's car mode?

    I do envision a really slick version of an all-black F-111 Skywarp that'd really rock!

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    Re: Transformers: Energon & Beyond

    Actually, it was the F117 Nighthawk that I was thinking of that'd make the most awesome Skywarp (see picture)
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    Re: Transformers: Energon & Beyond

    For Alternators - BLUEstreak is my fav. Hound is the worst of the four, but that doesn't mean he's bad. Far from it.


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